Universidad del Desarollo

Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

“Santiago is so centrally located you can really travel anywhere in South America from there and it’s a very modern city, with gorgeous mountains surrounding it...Studying abroad was probably the most fun, carefree 5 months of my life. I also grew and learned a lot about myself.”

Anonymous, Fall 2018

The University del Desarrollo (UDD) was founded in Concepción in 1990 as a small, private institution of less than 100 students. Today it has over 13,000 students in 22 different programs, and ranks as one of the top Universities in Latin America. UDD`s business faculty was ranked first in Latin America by América Economía, one of Latin America’s most important business magazines. Its Business program was also ranked 12th among all Latin American business schools América Economía magazine also ranked UDD in first place in developing entrepreneurship and leading abilities to its students within Latin American universities.

UDD is known not only for its academic excellence Entrepreneurship is a characteristic that distinguishes its students and professors.  It creates an interactive and dynamic environment on campus where innovation and new ideas are constant. Ethics and public responsibility the hallmark values of UDD, are encouraged not only in the classroom, but are also put into practice in each of the activities conducted at UDD but also for its entrepreneurial hallmar;This feature has earned it a place of privilege in higher education in Chile and Latin America a mere 20 years since it was founded.

The campus for the Business and Economics department is located in Santiago, Chile.

All Exchange students are guaranteed housing, if they complete and submit their applications in a timely fashion. The UDD housing office will work with students to ensure that they are placed in safe and convenient housing, which may include living in private apartments, homes and family home-stays. Approx. costs for housing range from $350-$600 per month, depending on the assignment.

UDD offers courses in a number of different business areas, with a strong emphasis on Business Economics and and Management. Students will be asked to take 4-5 courses, with the number of classroom hours corresponding to the same number students would complete at USC.

Please Note: Due to the limited number of courses offered in English, it is advised that students possess Spanish Language ability in order to take advantage of all of the courses available at UDD.

Sample Schedule:
Hi-Tech Marketing
Negotiation and Management Skills
Small Business Consulting
Finance Applied to Entrepreneurship
Spanish Language

Semester Dates:
Fall Semester- Late-July/early-August until early-December. Spring Semester- mid-March until mid-July.