Our team of dedicated career development professionals works with you to build key job search and career management skills to support you through your professional development. By actively engaging with career services to develop meaningful career goals, you will gain a competitive advantage, positioning you for internship and job search success while at Marshall and beyond.

We offer a variety of professional development resources that include: one-on-one advising, career education and readiness workshops, our signature mentorship program, and employer/alumni engagement. 


As a Marshall or Leventhal major, we encourage you to schedule a one-on-one career advising appointment, no matter where you are in your career journey. We will work with you to develop an individual career strategy, share available resources and show you how to prepare for the different recruiting and networking activities on campus. Whether you are still exploring different job functions and industries, preparing for your first internship interview, or you are excited about negotiating a full time job offer, we are here to support you!

If you are pursuing internship and full-time opportunities in consulting or investment banking, our Peer Career Advisors (PCAs) are available to assist you. Our PCAs are seniors who have just completed a highly selective internship and can guide you through the complex financial technical interviews as well as the case interviewing preparation needed in consulting. There are also PCA Generalists who are available to assist with guidance outside of investment banking and consulting. They too have completed highly selective internships and offer assistance in resume and cover letter review, internship preparation and internship search. For more information on Peer Career Advisors, click here.

How to make an advising appointment

Appointments with our full-time Career Advisors and student Peer Career Advisors (PCAs) are all scheduled via Handshake!

After logging in, click on "Career Center."

  • Select "Appointments."
  • Click "Schedule a New Appointment" button in the upper-left of the page. 
  • Click on the desired category, then click on the desired type of appointment. You will see a list of available appointment dates appear based on the category and type selected. From this page, you can use the Category, Type, Staff Member, and Appointment Medium menus to change selections and see appointment availability options.
  • Click on a time that works for you, enter details about the appointment in the "What can we help you with?" section.
  • Click "Request" in the lower-right of the screen. You will be taken to the overview of the appointment where you can cancel the appointment or add comments before the appointment!

Remember to select the appropriate type of appointment to suit your needs, either with: our full time staff, listed by name, for career exploration, behavioral interview practice, negotiating tips, or general help; or PCA I-Banking (investment banking specific), PCA Consulting (consulting specific), or PCA Generalist for other career paths such as marketing/sales.


Inve$t in YOU

Take the time to invest in yourself and attend career education workshops to be competitive in the job market. We offer a wide selection of workshops each semester, all designed to keep you informed and build the necessary skills. The Inve$t in YOU campaign lets you gain AND earn opportunities to win great prizes. A calendar of workshops can be found in Handshake.


Marshall Undergraduate Business Majors have exclusive access to Handshake, our new career services portal that houses resources, a job/internship board, events, and more! 

Your Handshake profile is the key to finding a job or internship on the platform. When you fill out your profile

  • Handshake gives you personalized job recommendations based on the information you provide on your profile - so you can find jobs and internships that are right for you.
  • You increase your chances of having a recruiter message you directly with job opportunities and event invitations. In fact, 80% of students who fill out their profile receive a message from a recruiter.

Handshake also uses your job interests to recommend opportunities to you. Your job interests include: 

  • Job type: select part-time job, full-time job, or internship. 
  • Job location: choose the cities that you would like to live and work in. 
  • Job roles: select at least three positions that interest you. 

TIP: You can change and update your interests at any time.

Handshake also contains a resource library of helpful handouts and access to online resources. Be sure to read our weekly newsletter every Thursday and keep informed of Marshall-specific career events and opportunities!

Career Programs and Events

Every year, Marshall Undergraduate Career Services offers several signature programs that help you explore your career options, connect with working professionals, or begin executing your career strategy:

Throughout the year, we also offer several other events based on student needs and industry trends. We collaborate with Marshall student organizations to provide industry-specific workshops, panels, and treks. Further information on these opportunities are made available on our weekly newsletter.

Recruiting and Interviewing

USC Marshall is a target school for many companies across many industries and geographic locations. By participating in our programs and leveraging a strong Trojan network of alumni, faculty, and corporate partners, we successfully connect Marshall students locally, nationally, and globally. The more you engage with our office, the better positioned you become in achieving your post-graduation goals.

We also collaborate closely with the USC Career Center, which manages USC’s On-Campus Recruiting program (OCR). During the school year, please be sure to sign your Professional Integrity Contract and take advantage of all that USC has to offer!

Contact Information

Marshall Undergraduate Career Services
610 Childs Way, JFF 201
Los Angeles, CA 90089-3362
(213) 740-5705

Instagram: @ugcareers