Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi

Bocconi 2015

Milan, Italy

The first day will be one of the hardest in your life, but everyday after that is exciting and fun…I am proud that I was able to adjust to living in a foreign environment. Furthermore, I gained so much self confidence going abroad I think I can now handle any situation.”

Chad Edwards, Bocconi, Spring 2012

Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi University, the first school in Italy to grant a university degree in economics, was established privately in 1902 by Ferdinando Bocconi. It is a free, pluralist school whose goal is to “promote harmony between school and life.”

The main functional areas structures in the seven degree programs offered at Bocconi are economic, statistics and social sciences, business administration institutions and financial markets management, public administration and international institutions, management law and business administration, economics and management of arts, culture and communication law.

Bocconi offers a wide variety of business classes in a number of areas of specialization (Finance, Marketing, Management and Information Systems.) They are known throughout Europe as one of the top Finance and Economics programs in Europe. They also offer a limited number of Fashion Business related courses. IEP students are expected to take 5 6-unit courses during the (equivalent to 15 USC units).

Bocconi provides housing assistance to exchange students, who typically rent rooms or share apartments in the local area.

A Sample Schedule:
Spring Semester:
Investment Banking
International Financial Markets
Corporate Finance (Mergers and Aquisitions)
Management of Fashion and Design Companies
International Marketing Research
Business to Business Marketing

Semester Dates:
Fall Semester: Mid September-End December (special exam sessions are organized before Christmas for exchange students)
Spring Semester: Early February -End of May

Time Difference: 9 hours ahead of Pacific Time

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