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I would highly recommend Seoul as it is a diverse city that offers culture, great food, amazing experiences, and so much more. My friends and I would visit so many cities within Seoul and never get bored when walking around and exploring.

Anonymous, Spring 2018

Founded in 1905, Korea University is a top-ranked public university. The University is located in central Seoul, and consists of over 40 buildings. It is located within walking distance of two subway lines. The KU campus is beautiful. It has a sports fields, 4 hard tennis courts, 2 squash courts, 2 swimming pools, a fitness center, and an ice rink. There are 4 main libraries, and 2 sub-libraries, including a business library with a collection of almost over 100,000 volumes, and over 100 electronic databases on business subjects alone. All IEP students have been guaranteed housing in one of the residential colleges, including the soon to be completed international college. The students can choose either single or double accommodation, and may choose to have either a local roommate, or a roommate from the IEP program. The campus also has other amenities such as a theatre, history “museum”, and bank, and restaurant.

Students and Student Organizations:
Most of the students attending KU are from Korea. The international programs have approximately 800 students, with approx. 200 exchange students as part of the business school program. There are over 100 student organizations and clubs, covering a range of areas and interests. There are a number of sports organizations as well, in which the students can participate. There is a student centre on campus, which helps oversee a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

KU offers courses in a variety of fields specializing in Marketing, Finance and Information Systems.  The classes meet for 16 weeks (15 weeks of class 1 week examination period). IEP students who attend the program will enroll in a minimum of 5 courses for 15 units.

A Sample Schedule:
(from Fall Semester 2010)
BUSS 344 International Finance (3 units)
BUSS 384 Corporate Finance (3 units)
BUSS 386 Futures and Options Markets (3 units)
BUSS 254 Investments (3 units)
BUSS 413 Corporate Governance and Investment Ethics (3 units)
BUSS 238 Advertising Management
BUSS 252 Marketing Research
BUSS 340 International Marketing Management<
BUSS 342 Consumer Behaviour
BUSS 454 Product and Brand Management

Internship Opportunities:
KUBS is the only current Exchange partner who offers exchange students an opportunity to partcipate in an organized international Internship program. The program allows 100+ students the opportunity to intern at companies such as PWC, Goldman Sachs, SK telecom, Samsung, and other Korean and International companies. To date, 3 USC students have been awarded internships through this program. Knowledge of Korean Language is not necessary to participate. Additional Information can be found here: KUBS Global Internship Program

Potential Visa Issues:
Due to recent changes in the Korean Immigration and Visa laws, students whose parents are/were Korean citizens, yet who themselves are NOT Korean Citizens may encounter problems with obtaining a D-2 student visa, and may have to apply for an F-4, or for a Korean Passport. Please be aware that some of these options may take time and/or involve renouncing one’s rights to citizenship in Korea for themselves and possibly their parents. Please look into this carefully.

Semester Dates:
Fall Semester: September 1 – Mid-December
Spring Semester: March 2 – Mid-June

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