ESCP (Paris, France)

Paris, France

I would absolutely recommend this location to anyone studying abroad. Not only is it the best location out of the France options, but it is Paris! It is the most beautiful city on earth. It is by far, my favorite city in Europe. It stuns you with its elegance and charm. Please do yourself a favor and go! Especially if you appreciate beauty, history, art, and culture.

Anonymous, Spring 2019

ESCP-EAP has one of the top ranked Business Schools in Europe and is one of the top programs in France (Ranked 2nd), and is consistently ranked in the top 100 business programs in the world by the Financial Times.

ESCP-EAP is an international business school and one of the foremost Grandes Écoles in France (there are 40 Grand Ecoles-Business Exclusive Schools- in France, and ESCP-EAP is ranked either 1 or 2 in every ranking). It is the culmination of a merger in 2000 of two schools- ESCP and EAP. (ESCP is the oldest institution dedicated to business education in Europe, having been founded in 1819). In 2004 ESCP-EAP began expanding its reach, and has added campuses in London, Turin (Italy), Berlin, Madrid and Paris (the exchange will be with the Paris campus).

ESCP-EAP has approximately 125 full-time, 63 affiliate faculty, and 700 “working professionals” with diverse interests and expertise. Each year ESCP-EAP enrolls approximately 475 new students into their programs.

The extensive facilities of the Paris campus form part of an environment which is conducive to both knowledge creation and knowledge acquisition. Students enjoy an atmosphere which offers ample opportunity for research as well as extra-curricular activities. A further attraction of the campus is its physical location in the heart of Paris on the move. It is literally at the crossroads of new economic and societal trends shaping the future of the French capital. The urban campus lends itself well to projects which combine entrepreneurship with different cultures, design, innovation, creativity and information, all deeply rooted in a management culture that moves with the times. It is located in the 11th arrondissement on the avenue de la République in the east of Paris.

ESCP-EAP has no accommodation on-campus. However, the school has an agreement with a student residence called “Le Vivaldi”. The Residence is about 35 minutes away by metro and there is a direct bus from the residence to the school which takes about 25 minutes. Students  may also wish to apply for accomodation through the Cite Universitaire Internationale:

Students and Student organizations:
There are 4000 degree students, and an additional 5000 managers in training and certificate programs across the 5 campuses attending ESCP-EAP from 90 different countries. ESCP-EAP Paris has exchange partnerships with 41 different programs. They admit 250 exchange students each term. There are over 55 student organizations and clubs, covering a range of areas and interests. There is a Student Centre which helps oversee a wide range of extra-curricular activities for business students, as well as activities for the exchange students.

The sports union organizes the school’s sports activities (evening training sessions, competitions and ECRICOME challenge) as well as sports events (Olympiads, snow sport week, sports weekends).

Exchange students may select from any of the 15-20 advanced business courses offered each semester in English. If students speak French, they are also welcome to enroll in one of 20-25 additional courses taught solely in French.

ESCP-EAP utilizes the ECTS credit system.  2 ECTS credits= 1 USC unit. Courses at ESCP-EAP range in credit value from 5 credits to 2.5 credits. The average course load at ESCP-EAP is 30 ECTS credits with students enrolling in no more than 8 courses.

Please note: Students on the old curriculum may not be able to satisfy their entire concentration requirements while abroad at ESCP Paris, and so students who attend must be flexible with their course interests/schedules. Also, students will be enrolled in the MSc (Master’s) program.

Sample Schedule:
Investment Banking and Financial Engineering
Exotic Financial Derivitives
Strategic Marketing
Positional Bargaining: Negotiation Workshop
Portfolio Management
Commodity Risk Management

Semester Dates:
Fall Semester: First week of September till mid-December
Spring Semester:Third week of January till third week of May

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