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Graduate Elective Course Guide

The Elective Course Guide is intended to communicate information about the various options you have in selecting and planning your electives. It is designed to support your efforts to achieve two broad goals: (1) to maximize your learning experience and (2) to prepare you to present a highly competitive, sharply-focused skill set that best positions you for the internships and professional positions that further the accomplishment of your career goals.

A concentration is intended to provide you with a strong basic specialization that prepares you well for the job market. All concentrations require the successful completion of four courses. Suggested courses are listed for each concentration with some requiring specific courses for completion. Concentrations were designed by Marshall faculty following consultation with alumni and others who work in areas related to our academic disciplines. We suggest you identify a concentration based on your interests and then enroll in electives that best support your career goals.

Graduate Certificate Programs are also available to support your career goals. A graduate certificate is a structured program designed to identify those individuals who have seriously dedicated their academic preparation to a specific area of business. Each certificate is included in the ECG. Admission to a graduate certificate program requires an application for admission available at

Concentrations and completion of certificate programs are not required but are often well received by future employers.

Information regarding a given semester's registration schedule can be found in the Schedule of Classes. For more information regarding the policies and procedures for priority graduate business elective registration, any available schedules of future Marshall graduate course offerings, and other resources, please visit the Marshall Graduate Student Resources page.

We urge you to give serious thought to your career path and the elective courses you will take and your most likely concentration and/or certificate program. Please call upon your faculty advisors for more information regarding concentrations, certificates and course offerings. Contact the faculty teaching specific courses to gain greater insights into the content covered in their respective courses. Use the Faculty Academic Advisors link on the right side of your screen to view a listing of faculty for each concentration.


The Marshall School of Business and the University of Southern California reserve the right to change their policies, procedures, rules, regulations, course offerings and any other contents of this document at any time. For a complete list of courses offered by the Marshall School of Business, please consult the USC Catalogue.