Critical Thinking Initiative​​


The USC Marshall Critical Thinking Initiative is a comprehensive, fully integrated, yet ever-growing approach consisting of best practices/knowledge, a faculty support system embedded within each department, and an instructional dissemination method (this website) to help our students achieve success through critical thinking.

The key knowledge-based components include the following.


  1. The 5 Step USC-CT Problem Solving Process which is designed to tackle ambiguous, ill-defined challenges.
  2. The START Concept Analysis which is designed to teach fundamental concepts/formulas.
  3. Individual learning Modules designed to help students build important critical thinking skills such as how to foster creative thinking, how to eliminate biases, and how to evaluate claims and evidence.​

Instructors send students to this site to review materials prior to class discussions and exercises. Just use the links on the left to access videos and PowerPoint presentations that will help you to excel at critical thinking…the USC Marshall way! ​