Fudan University

Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China

 China has everything from megacities to the countryside, from oceans to lakes, from caves to mountains and forests to deserts with camels! It's quite amazing to think about. This made it so I truly didn’t need to go anywhere else.

Malih Kabbani, Spring 2019

As China’s first higher education institution to establish the educational system of Business Administration, the century-old Fudan University created the business discipline in as early as 1917, and later set up the School of Business in 1929. But it had to suspend the education of management in the 1950s, when new waves of restructuring hit all the universities and colleges nationwide. When the country started to implement reform and open-up policies, Fudan Univesity took a lead to resume the education of management, and started to enroll undergraduates for Management Science in 1977, and later established Department of Management Science in 1979 and School of Management in 1985.

The past two decades have witnessed a great success of development in School of Management, and now it has eight departments, 19 cross-discipline research centers/institutes, three laboratories, one development center for senior managers and one management consulting firm. Overall speaking, School of Management at Fudan University is now structured to be an international-level business school. The School has nine Ph.D. Degree programs, 16 Master’s Degree programs, two professional Master’s Degree programs of MBA/EMBA and MPAcc, and three mobile stations for post-doctoral research on Management Science, Business Administration and Applied Economics respectively.

The  School boasts of 131 faculty members, among whom are 44 full professors (including 36 instructors for Ph.D. candidates), and 48 associate professors. 85% of School professors hold Doctor’s Degrees, including 22 who were granted diplomas from overseas and account for 17% of the total faculty members.

The School’s undergraduate education is aimed to breed management talents who not only meet international standards but cater to practical needs of China. Instructed by philosophy of “all-round education”and “Internationalization”in education, it is to cultivate internationalized, cross-disciplinary, versatile management talents, who not only command basic theories and skills of Management and specialized knowledge in related fields, but fully competent in real-world practices.

Students can apply for student housing through the Foreign student dormitory reservation website. The housing options are basic, and students will share a “normal” dorm space with other international students. Dorm rooms range in cost from $450-$800 per month. Students may also wish to locate housing on their own if they so please, but the current Shanghai housing market is quite competitive, and short-term (less than 12 months) leases are difficult to come by.

Students will enroll in 5-6 2 or 3 unit classes (2 unit classes meet 2 hours a week for 13 weeks)

Each unit/credit at FDSM is equal to 1 unit/credit at USC. Students will enroll in 5-6 courses while in Shnaghai that equal 15 USC units.

Sample Schedule:
Entrepreneurial Development (3 credits)
Foreign Business Investment (2 credits)
Investment Fund Management (3 credits)
Brand Management and Marketing Communication (2 credits)
Marketing in Luxury and Fashion Industry (2 credits)

Fall Semester: Mid-September through January (currently the program is not available in Fall)
Spring Semester: Mid-February through Late June.

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