​​​​​​​​​​​​​Critical Thinking Committee​

For further information on the USC Marshall Critical Thinking Initiative, contact any member of the Critical Thinking Committee:

A.J. Ogilvie:

Gita Govahi:

Marion Philadelphia:

Lanore Larson:​


Critical Thinking Department Champions

For assistance with discipline-specific needs, please contact your department representative for insights and resources.


Rose Layton:
Lori Smith:

Department of Business Communication

Lee Cerling:
Marion Philadelphia​:

Data Sciences and Operations

Arif Ansari:
Murat Bayiz:


Greg Autry:
Elissa Grossman:

Finance and Business Economics

Rahsan Akbulut:
Nimfa Bemis:

Management and Organization

Michael Coombs:
Christine El Haddad:


Lars Perner:
Miriam Burgos: