Chulalongkorn University

Bangkok, Thailand

If you are ready to get out completely of your comfort zone, experience an incredible part of the world, learn and experience and new language, meet the most amazing incredible humans with the purest soul, then Thailand is the best place to go to. It’s full of beautiful islands, temples, monks, street food, and love for all.

Anonymous, Spring 2018

Chulalongkorn has one of the top ranked Business Schools in Asia and in the world. It was the first university in Asia to offer a Ph.D in Marketing, and is consistently ranked in the top 200 business programs in the world by The Financial Times.The Chulalongkorn Business School, known as the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, is the oldest state university in Thailand. Chulalongkorn has graduated a crown prince, prime ministers, ministers, central bank governors, and prominent professionals in various areas of social sciences. This serves as a testament to its influence and importance of Chulalongkorn to Thailand, and the region. It currently consists of 41 faculties and learning programs across a diverse field of study.

The business school has approximately 125 full-time faculty members with diverse interests and expertise. Each year Chulalongkorn enrolls approximately 12,000 undergraduate students, and an additional 1,500 graduate students. The Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy is among the pioneers of business programs in English in Asia. Among these are the Ph.D. program in Marketing, the Master’s degree program in Marketing (MIM), the Master in Finance Program (MIF), the Master in Real Estate Program (MRE), the Master of Accounting Program (MAP), the Master of Business Administration Program in International Business – International Program (IMBA) and the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

Chulalongkorn has one of the top ranked Business Schools in Asia and is accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business- The international Association for Management Education. The faculty maintains ties with local, national and international companies.

The Chulalongkorn campus, is a fully-functioning, self-contained unit. The faculty of Commerce and Accountancy consists of 3 main, large buildings. In those buildings are housed 2 Libraries with 65,000 volumes dedicated to Business studies, and a full-array of on-line resources, 6 computer labs with 200-300 PC computers, a bookstore, 2 coffee shops, 2 cafeteria, a Health center, Career Center, Learning/study center, Auditorium and Data Processing Centre, all of which IEP students have access. Chulalongkorn has limited on-campus housing in dormitories for exchange students. The units are small and shared, and cost approximately $200/month.  The BBA Exchange staff also assists with arranging housing in private housing near campus. The staff is able to reserve apartments on the students’ behalf before their arrival. The rent is approximately $150-$325 per month. Each apartment provides a bed, a closet, a desk and a chair, a mirror and a telephone. However, all students must bring their own towels, pillow and pillowcases, sheet and blankets. Rooms are equipped with electrical outlets for radios and televisions, and there is enough room for a small rental refrigerator. The apartments usually charge approximately $10-$20 per month for appliances.

Students and Student organizations:
There are 36,000 students, attending Chulalongkorn of which the over-whelming majority are from Thailand. In an attempt to diversify the population, Chulalongkorn has established exchange programs with 100+ institutions. They admit 300 exchange students each term (100 to study business); there are over 100 student organizations and clubs, covering a range of areas and interests. There is a Student Centre within the business school which helps oversee a wide range of extra-curricular activities for business students, as well as activities for the exchange students.

Exchange students may select from any of the 15-20 advanced business courses offered each semester. All business courses offered in the International Business program at the main campus are taught in English. Chulalongkorn employs over 125 faculty within the business school, the majority of which hold Ph.D’s (Less than 20% of faculty are clinical)

Courses at Chulalongkorn are 3 units each. The average course load at Chulalongkorn  is 5 courses (15 units), with students enrolling in no more than 6 courses (18 units). Each 1 unit at Chulalongkorn= 1 unit at USC (each 3-unit course at Chulalongkorn will equal 3 USC units.) USC students will enroll in a minimum of 15 Chulalongkorn units each semester in order to satisfy their business requirements.

Sample Schedule:

Business Studies (3 units)
International Trade (3 units)
International Business Law (3 units)
International Business Management (3 units)
Principles of Investments (3 units)

Semester Dates:
Fall: First week of August through Mid-December
Spring: First week of Januar through Mid-May

Semesters are 15 weeks in length with an additional 2-week period for exams

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