MyMarshall Information

Please note that this information is for Marshall School of Business community members.

At this time there two MyMarshall Marshall intranet sites, one we refer to as the legacy site (mymarshall), and the other as the new, or SharePoint site (my.marshall). The legacy version of site is being phased out, but there are still a couple of items that can only be accessed through that version of the site, see the information next to the links below for details.

The new version, which runs on Microsoft's SharePoint Cloud has much more information available than the legacy version ever had, and provides access to many more resources than the legacy version ever did, and the greatest part of all is, it's fully integrated with Office 365, so once you're logged in you have access to everything Marshall in one place.

MyMarshall Login (Legacy MyMarshall, provides access Digital Measures and the Marshall Registration System)
My.Marshall Login (New My.Marshall, provides information and access to everything Marshall)