Choosing Your Upper Division Business Electives

Marshall Business Administration (BUAD) students are required to take upper division business electives as a part of their degree requirements. These courses allow students to gain a deeper understanding of one or more aspects of business in which they have an interest.  Marshall students who would like to focus on one specific area of business can declare a business emphasis.  More information about our emphases programs can be found here.

Upper division business electives for BUAD majors should be selected based on a student’s personal and professional goals in consultation with academic advisors, career advisorsfaculty elective advisors, and business emphasis advisors. The information and resources below and on the business emphasis website can help you learn more about the courses that each Marshall department offers.

  • BUAD majors are required to complete a total of 12 units of upper division Marshall electives.
  • BUAD majors can choose from the following Marshall departments: ACCT, BAEP, BUCO, DSO, FBE, MKT, and MOR.
  • Upper division courses are numbered 300-499. NOTE: Most courses that have an "x" may not be used toward the upper division elective requirement.
  • BUAD majors can select courses from one department (depth) or from different departments (breadth).
  • BUAD majors can also satisfy the Marshall upper division elective requirement through the Marshall International Exchange Program (IEP).

Marshall Upper Division Elective Course Resources

We also invite you to review the recording of the Upper Division Business Elective Information Session and slides for information about courses offered in Fall 2022, many of which will be offered in future semesters.  We'd especially like highlight MOR 458 Technology Strategy: The Case of AI.

    The guides below provide advice regarding which upper division elective courses are particularly useful for a given career path. Careers in a variety of industries and functions can benefit from coursework taken in more than one department while some careers have very specific coursework that is most essential.