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General FAQs about Business Emphases

These comments only apply to the Emphases in Business Analytics, Communication, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Finance, Leadership & Innovation, Marketing, Real Estate Finance and Risk Management.

Are there any grade or GPA requirements to declare the Emphasis: specifically, do students need a specific grade in the required course to be accepted, is there a minimum overall GPA required?

There is no specific grade or GPA requirement to declare the Emphasis, but please note that students need a minimum 2.0 overall cumulative GPA and 2.0 GPA in upper division courses applied to their major in order to graduate. We do strongly recommend students to assess their interest in the Emphasis area and other emphases options.

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Are there any restrictions on how many students will be admitted to this Emphasis?

No, all students who meet the criteria may declare the Emphasis.

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When can students declare this Emphasis?

Students must have sophomore standing, complete one semester in residence at USC, and complete the gateway course for the Emphasis before declaring an Emphasis. Students can declare prior to the last day of class of their final semester.

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How long will students have to wait to hear back If they got into the Emphasis?

Students typically hear back within 10 business days.

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Are students required to declare an Emphasis?

No, students may earn a BS in Business Administration degree by completing the requirements of any 12 upper division electives that can be mixed across different areas. Students who wish to specialize in a specific area can declare an Emphasis, although it is not required.

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Can students declare more than one Emphasis?

No, students can declare just one Emphasis.

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What if a student wants to change their Emphasis to a different one, or drop it?

If you no longer wish to pursue your declared Emphasis, you can declare the general Business Administration program by clicking here. Or, if you have completed the required gateway course and will complete the upper division electives required for a different Emphasis, you can declare a new emphasis up until the last day of class of your final semester.

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