(Brussels, Belgium)

ICHEC Brussels Management School

Brussels, Belgium

I would study abroad 10 times if I could. Had the absolute time of my life and feel so appreciative for the new places, people, and experiences I encountered. Cannot recommend Brussels enough –– a beautiful, quaint city that isn’t flooding with tourists. By the end, I truly felt like a local and would’ve extended my stay if I could have.

Anonymous, Spring 2019

ICHEC (Institut Catholique des Hautes Études Commerciales)  was founded in 1954 and is THE pre-eminent business school in Belgium, offering university-level courses and bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business and management and business engineering. Located in Brussels, at the very heart of Europe and next door to dozens of international and European Union organizations and international companies. Currently over 2000 students are enrolled at ICHEC pursuing degrees at various levels (Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA).

The education given at ICHEC has a dual purpose

  • Professional : the student is gradually introduced into the complex world of management
  • Scientific : it gives the student a critical approach which will enable him/her to play a dynamic role socially and economically.

With these objectives the school offers a continuous connection with the business environment and the realities of the outside world. As a major Belgian business school and a member of the International Conference of French speaking Business Schools (HEC francophones), ICHEC follows the tradition of those schools and aims at training men and women to be active and critical of the decisions that they will have to make.

 The semester at ICHEC is 13 weeks in length, with a 2-week examination period. Courses meet for 3 hours each week, with some courses meeting for only 3-4 weeks, and others meeting 5 days in a week, and then no more during the semester.  Students must enroll in 30 (ECTS) units each semester. The number of units differ between classes, so the average student may enroll in 6-8 courses in order to meet the 30-unit minimum Students will enroll in a combination of Bachelor’s and Master’s coursework (MSc not MBA).

Please note: Courses in English maybe limited during certain semesters so students on the “old” curriculum may not be able to complete sufficient business credits while abroad. Please view the course listings at the links below.

Sample Schedule:
Corporate Business Cycles (2.5 USC)
Advanced International Management and Corporate Business Cycles (2.5 USC)
International Trade and Innovation (2.5 USC)
International Finance and Fiscality (2.5 USC)
International Management and Negotiation (2.5 USC)
E-Business: Seminar (1.5 USC)
E-Business: Strategy (1.5 USC)

Semester dates:
Spring: Late- January till mid-June (some exams end early-June, some mid-June, depends on the course)