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While it’s possible it will rain every single day in Manchester, the sushi won’t match LA’s, I’ll have to switch my iced coffees to hot coffee so I don’t freeze, and I’ll struggle with the accent barrier - that is where the excitement comes from. For this one semester, I have the opportunity to find a new favorite drink, experience a British classroom setting, pinpoint the differences between British and American accents, and try new foods and activities that aren’t offered or as accessible in LA.

Lindsay Rosen, Spring 2019

The University of Manchester has been created by bringing together The Victoria University of Manchester and UMIST, two of Britain’s most distinguished universities, to create a powerful new force in British Higher Education. UMIST’s Manchester School of Management is one of the leading business schools in the UK and Europe (ranked #15 non-U.S. business schools by Forbes Magazine, 2002). The goal is to be a top 25 university worldwide within the next 5 years. The Manchester Business School is composed of the Institute of Innovation Research, The Manchester School of Accounting, the Manchester School of Management and the Business School.

Manchester offers courses in a wide-variety of business subjects including Management, Marketing and Finance. Students are able to take any business course offered. Students must complete 6 10-unit courses while abroad at MBS (equivalent to 15 USC units). (Please Note: MBS offers a number of year-long courses. As such, students enrolling in the Fall Semester will have a better selection of courses as they are eligible to enroll in the first semester of the course. Unfortunately those going in Spring semester are not eligible to enroll in the 2nd portion of the class.)

The University of Manchester has one of the largest number of university owned accommodations in the UK. With 9,200 beds, located in apartments, residence halls, dormitories and residential colleges, all of superior quality. All IEP students are guaranteed housing in one of the residential colleges, dormitories or apartments. The students can choose either single or double accommodations, and may choose to have either a “local” roommate or a roommate from the IEP program. The rooms include furnished bedrooms each installed with a direct phone line and ethernet connection. Other amenities (kitchen space, personal restrooms, etc.) differ amongst the accommodation choices. The campus also has other attractions including two theatres, two art museums and a central student union/pub.

A Sample Schedule:
International Marketing I (2.5 units)
Services Marketing (2.5 units)
Strategic Marketing Management (2.5 units)
Managing New Product Development (2.5 units)
Managing Diversity: Gender Issues in Organizations (2.5 units)
People, Management and Change (2.5 units)

Semester Dates:
Fall Semester: Mid- September – Late December
Spring Semester: Late January – Early June

Time Difference:  8 hours ahead of Pacific Time

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