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Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a food-lovers haven and the crème-de-la-crop is brunch—or as the Aussies call it, brekky. After three years in Los Angeles, I am no stranger to a good brunch, but Sydney blew me away.

Maryalice Rosa, Spring 2019

The University of Sydney is the oldest university in Sydney, having been founded in 1850. In that time is has been the voice of progressive approaches to education, and home to some of the top minds in the world. It has played a pioneering role in a number of disciplines, not just in Australia, but in the world, and its Faculty of Business is considered the best in Australia, and one of the top 50 in the world. The University is ranked amongst the top 100 universities in the world by the QS rankings as well as the Financial Times. It is considered a premier research institution, and is in the top .3 percent of all universities worldwide in terms of scholarly publishing. The Faculty of Business is the oldest as well as most respected and top-ranked program in Australia, and one of the top 100 business programs worldwide according to multiple publications (Financial Times, QS, The Economist).

Students are eligible to take any business course offered, as long as they meet the pre-requisites. The University of Sydney offers courses in a variety of fields including Economics, Business Law, Management, Finance and Marketing. Students will enroll in 4 6-unit courses for a total of 24 units (equivalent to 16 USC units).

The University of Sydney can help students find a suitable accommodations and provide students with ongoing assistance to make the move to Sydney as smooth as possible. The University of Sydney has teamed up with Urbanest Student Housing to provide a number of options in an around the University of Sydney for exchange students.

Students not interested in living in a Urbanest residence may utilize University of Sydney’s Accommodation Information Service, which can offer advice on both on campus as well as off-campus alternatives. Average cost is $350-$450 (Australian dollars) per week (approx. $5500-$7500 Australian dollars for the semester).

A Sample Schedule:
Advertising (4 units)
Consumer Behavior (4 units)
Strategic Marketing (4 units)
Australian History Through Film (4 units)

Semester Dates:
Fall Semester: Mid-July till Early-November
Spring Semester: Mid-February till Late-June (Sydney also has a Spring Friendly option in which students take classes in their :summer" terms (January-March), as well as can select from limited business courses with exams over a 2 day period before June).

Time Difference: 18 hours ahead of Pacific Time

**Please note, Australia’s seasons are opposite of those in the United States. For example, the winter recess falls in June and July.

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