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“Its going to be a blast. Enjoy your stay. Most of all, have an open mind because the American way is not always the best way… Finally, Budapest rocks!!”

Vincent Duong, Corvinus, Fall 2004

The Corvinus University of Budapest was first established in 1920 to provide courses in economics and agriculture. In 1948, Corvinus was founded as a separate, independent institution. Corvinus currently consists of 36 departments with a teaching staff of 500 professors and a community of 5,000 undergraduate students. Taking advantage of Hungary’s location at the crossroads of East Central Europe, Corvinus established the International Studies Center (ISC) in order to provide undergraduate students with greater international business education resources.

Corvinus offers a full compliment of business courses in areas such as Information Systems, Stastics, Management, Marketing and Finance. Their areas of strength lie in the areas of Finance and Business Economics, and Marketing, with one of the larger selections of Finance courses offered from our European partners. Students are expected to enroll in 5 courses in the semester (equivalent to 15 USC units). Courses are offered in English as well as Hungarian and German.

Housing is NOT provided by the university. Students will be asked to locate housing on their own. Corvinus provides some assistance to exchange students, who typically rent rooms or share apartments in the local area. It typically takes students 2-3 days after arriving to locate adequate housing. Students may also look for other options such as using services such as

A Sample Schedule:
Spring Semester:
Advertising Management (3 units)
Brand Management (3 units)
Marketing Research (3 units)
Marketing Strategy in Diverse European Markets (3 units)
International Business Marketing (3 units)


Business Valuation ( 3 units)
International Corporate Finance (3 units)
International Financial Markets ( 3 units)
Investment Analysis (3 units)
Corporate Financing Policy ( 3 units)

Semester Dates:
Fall Semester: Late August – Mid-December
Spring Semester: Late January – Mid-May

Time Difference: 9 hours ahead of Pacific Time

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