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Marshall Recognized Student Organization Resources


Marshall recognition entails an active partnership between MRSO student leaders and their faculty/staff advisor(s). Thus, MRSOs should choose faculty/staff advisors, preferably from the Marshall School, who can commit to regular meetings and support the organization and its goals. We strongly encourage MRSO student leaders to check in with their Faculty/staff advisors at least two times per academic year.

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Student organizations can rent AV equipment by emailing Student leaders will need sponsorship of their faculty or staff advisor.

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Opening a Bank Account with the USC Credit Union

Student organizations may open a bank account with the USC Credit Union. These accounts CANNOT accept any University money. Please go to the Credit Union to establish the account and see here the USC Credit Union New Account Package.

You will need:

  • A completed Account Authorization Form (available from USC Campus Activities Office)
  • A copy of your recognition letter sent to you when your organization received recognition
  • A completed signature card with signatures from at least two students and the organization’s advisor (provided by the USC Credit Union)
  • A completed Tax Identification Form (provided by the USC Credit Union)
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Every Monday, the Marshall Undergraduate Advising and Student Affairs Office sends an involvement email to all Marshall and Leventhal students.

To announce an event, submit event information before 12pm PDT every Thursday using this link. Announcements submitted after this deadline cannot be included for that week. 

Only MRSOs may include blurbs in the weekly email. Announcements from non-recognized organizations will not be included.


If you would like to share your announcements on social media, email

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter.


  • Digital Flyers for display on screens in Marshall buildings: Send digital flyer requests to including:
    • JPEG size 16:9 aspect ratio
    • Start and end dates for flyer display
    • Buildings where the flyer should be run (JFF, BRI, HOH, and/or ACC)
  • Hard Copy Flyers to post around campus: Seek approval from Office of Campus Activities and Marshall Facilities prior to posting in Marshall buildings. See USC posting guidelines and Marshall posting guidelines below. 


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Programming and events are a critical component of most student organizations. Hosting events helps your organization achieve its goals, teach leadership skills and foster camaraderie among members. It takes a great deal of pre-event planning to ensure success.


  • Brainstorm the type of event and its goals as it relates to the mission of your organization.
  • Determine which of your ideas will work within your budget. Marshall funding can only cover event expenses that directly benefit Marshall students (see "Funding Resources" below for more info).
  • Choose one individual to serve as the main contact. Encourage all members to get involved in event planning.


  • Choose a date and time that is strategic for your group and does not conflict with other important on-campus programs.
  • Make appropriate space reservations*. See University and Marshall contacts below for contact information.
  • Project all costs associated with your event and identify funding sources.
  • Design publicity strategy and begin event promotion at least two weeks in advance.
  • Develop a pre- and -post event task list, as well as a final deliverable time frame.
  • Assign specific responsibilities to committee members.
  • Be prepared for anything that may come your way!

*On-campus events with the following conditions require pre-approval from DPS, Fire Safety, Transportation and Facilities. Complete the USC Event Permit Application online at least 4 weeks in advance:

  • All outdoor events
  • Open flames and/or outdoor cooking
  • Crowd attendance over 500 people
  • Tents with over 450 sq. ft (aggregate)
  • Stages over 30" in  height
  • When the use of a venue is altered for the event


  • Complete a post-event evaluation to assess if goals were met and what lessons were learned.
  • Prepare financial statement of actual expenditures.
  • Send thank you notes to appropriate people.


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USC’s definition of an event:

  • Any scheduled gathering of 25 or more people. Or any situation that involves external vendors (tent set up by rental company, catering, etc.)
  • Meetings that support the academic or business mission of the university where no food or beverage is served are considered meetings and not gatherings or events. Permits are not required for meetings of this nature.


All events are required to follow Phase 5 Guidelines, per Campus Activities policies available here.



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    The Marshall School of Business provides limited funding for MRSOs to cover MRSO event expenses. Funding is awarded on a case by case basis until all funds have been exhausted.



    • Only events that adhere to these guidelines will be approved for Marshall funding.
    • The requesting MRSO must be in good standing with regards to Marshall recognition standards. A warning and/or probation status may negatively impact funding eligibility.
    • Event/activity must be of sufficient interest that all students who are members of the organization could reasonably attend.
    • All university and Marshall School policies must be observed (NO alcohol will be served at any undergraduate events).
    • Speaker related expenses, such as travel expenses or an honorarium, will not be approved. 
    • Cash awards will not be approved.


    1. For large events (30+), apply to USG funding before you apply to Marshall funding.
    2. Submit Marshall funding application using this link* at least 14 business days before the start of your event:
      1. The application should contain estimates for event costs from approved USC vendors. We cannot fund payments to non-approved USC vendors.
      2. See here a list of USC approved vendors.
    3. If approved, you will receive an invitation to schedule a meeting to make necessary payments and reservations before the start of your event. 
    4. Submit scanned receipts proving receipt of items to within one week of the event taking place. Receipts  must include MRSO name, business purpose, date, payment method, name of merchant, itemized list of expenses, and total amount paid.

    Note that all MRSO event expenses must be approved and paid in advance. Reimbursement requests will no longer be accepted.


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    1. Can my organization receive funding for apparel?

    Funding for apparel is not guaranteed and will be considered on a case by case basis. Your request should be accompanied by a notice of approval from Jeanette Anderson in USC Purchasing ( You must use an approved USC vendor.

    2. Can my organization receive funding for rideshare costs?

    We can neither prepay nor reimburse rideshare expenses.

    3. Can my organization receive funding for social events?

    Funding will not be given for social events including end of year dinners or activities. Marshall funds should be used to promote the educational mission of the University and MRSOs.

    4. How can my organization find a corporate sponsor?

    When designing a sponsorship program, think about what incentives you can offer, as well as what sponsorship amounts are both reasonable for the company and helpful to you in executing events. Start small and reach out to alumni and companies with whom your organization may already have a relationship. Make sure you have a plan and various sponsorship packages outlined before reaching out. 

    5. A corporate sponsor is asking for a federal tax ID number. Where do I find it?

    Unless your student organization is part of a national chapter, your MRSO is not likely to have a tax ID number. Tax IDs are given to organizations that have applied and received legal recognition from the IRS. The Marshall Undergraduate Advising and Student Affairs Office cannot assist with this process, and MRSOs should carefully review SCampus Part G Section 7.1 before establishing any type of legal organization. Marshall Recognition will be revoked from any organization that decides to become a legal business entity or operate any type of for-profit operation. 

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    Transitions are important because they:

    • Provide new leaders with organizational knowledge and increase confidence
    • Minimize confusion caused by leadership change and establish a sense of continuity
    • Allow outgoing leaders to obtain a sense of accomplishment and closure


    Start the transition early, review our Leadership Transition Guide, and use the Outgoing/Incoming President checklist to guide you.


    The MRSOs with special approval to transition between the Fall and Spring semesters can find a Spring Leadership Transition guide here.

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    Marshall recognition requires responsibilities and commitments beyond USC Recognition. All MRSOs must:

    • Be a USC Recognized Student Organization and renew USC recognition annually. See USC RSO Resource Guide.
    • Follow rules and regulations established by USC and by the Marshall Undergraduate Advising and Student Affairs Office (see University policies below and MRSO Handbook).

    • Have a president who is a Business major or Computer Science Business Administration major.
    • Have no more than one president who must remain in place and active for the entirety of the fall and spring semesters of each academic year. Co-presidents and terms of less than one academic year are not permitted. Presidents must be registered undergraduate students in good standing. 
    • Have a majority membership of Marshall majors and minors.
    • Have an actively engaged advisor, preferably from the Marshall School faculty and staff.
    • Submit a strategic plan to the Marshall Undergraduate Advising and Student Affairs Office (August).
    • Participate in Marshall New Student Welcome (August).
    • Attend Marshall Presidents Orientation (August).
    • Participate in Marshall's Spring Involvement Fair (January).
    • Attend and actively participate in monthly Marshall Council Meetings. Any MRSO failing to attend two or more meetings will automatically be placed on probation.
    • Submit End-Of-Year Report to the Marshall Undergraduate Advising and Student Affairs Office (May).
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    There are several opportunities to recruit new members at the beginning of each semester and through events hosted during the school year. See "Event Advertising" above for ways the Marshall Undergraduate Advising and Student Affairs Office can help your MRSO promote its events.

    Fall Semester Spring Semester
    • New Student Welcome: Organized by the Marshall Undergraduate Advising and Student Affairs Office. Held the Thursday prior to the start of the Fall semester and open to new first-year and transfer Marshall and Leventhal students.
    • Marshall Spring Involvement: Organized by the Marshall Undergraduate Advising and Student Affairs Office. Held the 2nd Wednesday of the Spring semester and open to all Marshall and Leventhal students.
    • USC Involvement Fair: Organized through the USC Office of Campus Activities, all USC students are invited to attend.
    • USC Involvement Fair: Organized through the USC Office of Campus Activities, all USC students are invited to attend.
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    Access the MRSO Handbook here to review the benefits of Marshall recognition and policies and procedures to maintain MRSO status. 

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    There is a designated space for MRSOs on the first floor of Fertitta Hall intended for small e-board meetings. It also contains MRSO mailboxes and limited storage space. It is the responsibility of all MRSO Presidents to keep the space neat, clean and organized. Privileges may be revoked if the room is not kept in order. 



    • To store your organization's supplies in the MRSO Presidents' Room, contact We are unable to offer large storage to any MRSO and items left without prior authorization will be discarded. 
    • To receive authorization to have packages shipped to JFF 201, email You will be notified when the package arrives.


    Send packages to:

    Attn.: Your Name and MRSO Name

    c/o Marshall Undergraduate Advising and Student Affairs

    610 Childs Way

    Fertitta Hall (JFF) Suite 201A

    Los Angeles, CA 90089


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    1. All flyers, posters, etc. must be approved prior to posting. Bring original to Marshall Facilities in BRI 205 for approval before making copies or email for digital approval.

    2. Approved flyers may be posted in ACC, BRI and HOH stairwell areas with corkboards only.

    3. No posting in JKP.

    4. No posting in Hoffman Hall stairwells; posting on 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor bulletin boards is allowed.

    5. Any items posted on walls, doors, windows, bridges, trees, tables, and trashcans will be removed.

    6. Flyers for commercial or personal use may not be posted.

    7. All flyers should be neat and legible.

    8. All flyers should be for a Marshall student organization sponsored event, which should be noted.

    9. If any flyer does not have an approval posting, it will be taken down immediately.

    10. MRSOs are responsible for taking down their flyers after the approval date has expired, or risk loss of posting privileges.

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    Failure to adhere to University policies or to the standards outlined above for maintaining Marshall recognition will result in a warning. Failure to meet more than one requirement may result in probation and/or suspension of MRSO status as well as loss of Marshall benefits, including funding and room reservations.

    MRSO presidents and their faculty/staff advisor will be notified via email when an organization is failing to meet requirements. Organizations that have lost their Marshall recognition may continue to operate as a USC RSO but will no longer be eligible for any MRSO benefits. Organizations that wish to regain Marshall recognition will need to work with the MRSO Committee to determine appropriate steps. 

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    University-wide facilities guidelines are being updated in light of the transition back to in-person programming during Fall 2021. 

    Space Reservation Process

    Ronald Tutor Campus Center + Ballroom, Tommy's Place, Ground Zero, Outdoor Venues

    Make venue reservations and payments (if applicable) to Trojan Event Services at least 4 weeks in advance. 

    Marshall Classrooms, Marshall Breezeway, Marshall Lawn, HOH Patio, JFF Patio

    Accessible online via MyMarshall, Services, Marshall Room Reservations.

    Please note: if an MRSO is found to be making room reservations on behalf of an unrecognized group/organization or for purposes other than stated in the reservation request, MRSO status will be revoked.


    Be sure to adhere to the policies regarding social events as outlined in SCampus.


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    For MRSOs planning trips off-campus, either domestically or internationally, please be sure to utilize the required forms and follow all guidelines and policies for student travel.   For more information regarding policies, regulations, and guidelines regarding student-led travel, please explore Section G3 of SCampus.

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    For University RSO and MRSO policies, questions, and support:



    Jill and Frank Fertitta Hall (JFF) Suite 201 | T: 213.740.0690 | E:


    Steve and Katheryn Sample Hall (SKS) Suite 410 | T: 213.740.5693 | E:


    For event advertisement:



    Bridge Hall (BRI) Suite 205 | E:


    Jill and Frank Fertitta Hall (JFF) Suite 305 | E:


    For other event support and resources:



    Tutor Campus Center (TCC) Suite 425 | T: 213.740.6728| Email varies by venue desired


    Hoffman Hall (HOH) Suite 103 | T: 213.740.5424| Accessible online via MyMarshall


    Bridge Hall (BRI) Suite 207 | T: 213.740.8674| 


    Stonier Hall (STO) Suite 203 | T (main): 213.740.6786| T (reservations): 213.740.1744


    Tutor Campus Center (TCC) Suite 224 | T: 213.740.5620| E:


    3434 S. Grand Avenue (CAL) Suite 120 | Contact information varies by request

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