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Marshall Recognized Student Organizations

Marshall Recognized Student Organizations

The Marshall School of Business recognizes the importance of involvement in student organizations to build leadership, encourage teamwork, and sharpen networking skills. Marshall Recognized Student Organizations (MRSOs) are undergraduate student organizations recognized by Marshall who have access to exclusive resources and support from the Marshall Undergraduate Advising and Student Affairs office. 

Through participation in any of our more than 40 MRSOs, students interact with employers, faculty, alumni and peers who provide guidance in areas such as academic coursework and professional pursuits. 

Check your email for a weekly update on MRSO programs and events. 


180 Degrees Consulting


180 Degrees Consulting at USC is an undergraduate student-led social impact consultancy that provides consulting services to nonprofits, social enterprises, and other socially-minded organizations in the Los Angeles community. We recruit and train student consultants to empower organizations and businesses to further their social impact while helping our members grow personally and professionally. 


Accounting Society


The Accounting Society is a professional organization that fosters holistic excellence for highly motivated scholars entering the accounting, finance, and consulting industries. Our promise is to provide recruitment aid, alumni mentoring, career development, and networking opportunities to boost familiarity among members and professionals from the biggest names in the accounting industry.


American Marketing Association (AMA) at USC


The American Marketing Association (AMA), USC’s premier marketing organization, is a collegiate chapter of one of the largest marketing associations in the world with a membership of over 30,000 marketing professionals and over 300 collegiate chapters across the country. Through AMA, students can unlock their marketing potential in a tight-knit community by networking with professionals while also developing lifelong friendships with their peers. Students can participate in AMA not only through membership, but also through its award-winning Case Competitions Team and accomplished Consulting Team.




The mission of Ascend is to be the premier professional organization dedicated to enabling its members, business partners, and the community to leverage the leadership and global business potential of Pan-Asians.


Association of Innovative Marketing (AIM) Consulting


AIM Consulting’s mission is to provide innovative marketing consulting services to clients across all industries. Our members gain real-world experience by working on strategic projects to develop data-driven recommendations for premier brands, startups, and nonprofits. By combining comprehensive professional development resources and experience with distinctive clients, AIM Consulting empowers members to thrive in the fields of marketing, consulting, and beyond.


Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA)


ALPFA creates opportunities, adds value, and builds relationships for its members, the community, and its business partners. We value leadership through diversity in the global workforce and academia. We strive for our members to achieve professional growth, relationship building with professionals, service to the community, integrity, and culture. 


Beta Alpha Psi


The primary objective of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the business information field. This includes: promoting the study and practice of accounting, finance and information systems, providing opportunities for self-development, service, and association among members and practicing professionals, and encouraging a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibility.


Black Business Student Association (BBSA)     


The Black Business Student Association is a student organization that operates under the USC Marshall School of Business and is dedicated to creating a space for our members, students of diverse backgrounds and areas of study, to grow as leaders and professionals. We host recruitment events, guest speaker presentations, career development sessions, networking opportunities, and more for the benefit of our members. 



Business Tech. Group


USC’s premiere organization for exploring the intersection of business and technology, dedicated to connecting students of all backgrounds with the world of tech and innovation.


Global Brigades @ Marshall


USC Marshall is training and preparing global business leaders who, quite simply, make a difference in the world. We encourage our students to travel the globe to gain new experiences and to understand the role social entrepreneurs play in society and the key challenges they face. The Global Brigades @ Marshall Program was established with chapters of Global Business Brigades who travel to Panama, Honduras and Ghana so that our students gain skills in achieving social change with a global mindset.

Global Investment Society (GIS) 


The purpose of GIS is to teach and practice investing with an emphasis on global markets and varied investment classes, such as bonds, stocks, commodities, currencies, derivatives, and alternative investments.

Our goal is to foster an environment of global knowledge and expertise in the investing sector, and to build an investment skill-set that isn't limited to a single market or investment class.


International Consulting Club at USC


ICC at USC is focused on fostering the personal and professional development of aspiring consultants. Through weekly education sessions and real-world client projects, our members apply what they learn to provide consulting services to fast-growing startups around the world. With sister branches in Hong Kong and Manchester and a strong alumni network all over the world, ICC is preparing the next class of global leaders. 


Latino Business Student Association (LBSA)


The Latino Business Student Association is one of the largest and most active pre-professional business organizations in California. The mission of LBSA is to promote diversity on and off campus by helping our members develop into well-rounded individuals through professional workshops, networking events with top firms, internship and job opportunities, community involvement, and social interactions. 


Lemonade Day


Lemonade Day teaches young students how to start, own and operate their very own business using the model of a lemonade stand. USC student mentors volunteer with local elementary school students and through a fun and interactive curriculum, participants are trained in the fundamentals of business, financial management, and entrepreneurship. The students learn how to create budgets, set profit-making goals, serve customers, repay investors, and give back to the community. Along the way, they acquire skills in goal-setting, problem-solving, and gain self-esteem critical for future success. Given the online nature of the upcoming semester we are working to maintain a digital presence in these schools through a Lemonade Day app which is currently being developed. Additionally, we are working to provide business and entrepreneurship based networking and career development opportunities for our members to engage in remotely this fall. 


Los Angeles Community Impact (LACI)


Los Angeles Community Impact (LACI) provides pro-bono consulting services to nonprofits and socially minded organizations in the LA community. LACI members work with 10+ clients each semester to scope, research, and present actionable recommendations surrounding a key issue or need within the organization. Some examples of past clients that LACI has worked with include Girls Scouts, Habitat for Humanity, LA Regional Food Bank, and American Heart Association. Through their work in LACI, student consultants refine and develop their professional and client-facing skills, promoting student leadership, diversity, community, and commitment to giving back to the community.


Marshall Business Network (MBN)


Marshall Business Network (MBN) empowers students to define their career paths while developing a first-class Trojan network. In this effort, MBN collaborates with Fortune 500 companies to organize guest speaker events, professional development workshops, and corporate tours each semester. These programs inform members of the diverse career opportunities by introducing them to recruiters and executives across various industries. MBN is the premiere career exploration and networking organization. 


Marshall Business Student Community

  Marshall Business Student Community (MBSC) exists to serve as a liaison between administration, alumni & students while enriching the Marshall student experience. We do this by embracing the diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences of every undergraduate Marshall student. Some of our organization's achievements/events are: extending Fertitta cafe hours, reframing the BUAD 304 course structure, Marshall Ball, Marshall Business Week, and numerous other initiatives. We are looking for students who want to join our MBSC family and make an impact on the Marshall community.

Marshall Entertainment Association (MEA)                


The Marshall Entertainment Association (MEA) seeks to explore and promote leadership and career opportunities for USC undergraduates interested in the business-entertainment field. MEA provides networking opportunities with entertainment-business alumni and industry professionals and seeks to provide students with a holistic view of the industry in order to prepare them for careers in the entertainment business.


Marshall Outreach and Volunteer Entrepreneurs (MOVE)


Marshall Outreach and Volunteer Entrepreneurs (MOVE) seeks to bring together socially-conscious individuals interested in entrepreneurship, provide valuable insight into the world of social business practice, and enable students to give back to the community by tapping into career-related passions.


Marshall Real Estate Finance Association (MREFA) 


MREFA represents and advances the educational, pre-professional and social interests of students pursuing studies and careers in Real Estate Finance.


Marshall Student Ambassadors (MSA)



Marshall Student Ambassadors (MSA) is a select group of outstanding students who proudly serve as the undergraduate student representatives for the USC Marshall School of Business.


Marshall Women’s Leadership Board




Marshall Women’s Leadership Board (MWLB) is a student-run organization composed of and led by top female students at the University of Southern California. Established in 1999, MWLB is the oldest organization at the Marshall School of Business dedicated to female undergraduates. As one of USC’s premier women's professional development organizations, MWLB provides opportunities for members to network with and seek mentorship from business professionals, USC Marshall faculty and USC administration. We host educational workshops and student- and professional-led panels to enhance our members’ professional skills and introduce them to a wide variety of job positions in different industries. We also serve as a social organization to develop relationships and gain friendship with other ambitious female students. Ultimately, we are a network of diverse female leaders from all majors across campus connected by a passion for business and commitment to support, promote and empower each other as aspiring businesswomen! 


National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)


The National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. is dedicated to bridging the opportunity gap for black accounting and finance professionals by providing leadership and technical training, as well as networking and career opportunities.

Operations Management Association (OMA)


The purpose of Operations Management Association (OMA) is not only to increase awareness of the operations industry in the business world, but also to help students discover a new potential career path. OMA aims to inspire students by partnering with professionals as well as other campus organizations to give students the chance to network with individuals involved in this specific field of business.


RISE Consulting   Founded in January 2019, RISE Consulting enables undergraduate student leaders to leverage their passions, skills, experiences, and networks to serve startup businesses across the world. We are committed to providing comprehensive, pro bono consulting services that add tangible value to our international client base.
Scholars of Finance USC  

We're on a mission to transform finance. We seek to solve the world’s largest problems by investing in undergraduate students through leadership development, mentorship, and the active support of hundreds of purpose-driven finance executives and investors.

Our members then join top firms, funds, and a life-long support community that empowers them to spend their careers serving the greater good using the biggest lever in the world: finance.

Smart Woman Securities


Smart Woman Securities (SWS) is a national organization with a mission of educating undergraduate women on finance and investments. As the USC Chapter of SWS, we aim to provide Trojan women with educational and professional development opportunities to advance gender diversity in finance.

In the fall, we host a 10 week seminar series where distinguished women in finance lead discussions about different topics including accounting, evaluating companies, and personal finance. Past speakers have worked at PwC, Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan, Oaktree, and other prestigious firms. During the fall, you will also be put on a team to perform a stock pitch at the end of the semester. In the spring, we will continue the stock pitch competition and feature company specific information sessions. 

Throughout the year we have multiple chapter-wide events and group outings such as workout classes and dinners to help strengthen our community of women in finance! While we are in a virtual environment for the fall, we plan to still host virtual events, and hopefully in-person ones in the spring.


Spark SC


Spark SC is a student-run entrepreneurship ecosystem at USC dedicated to building communities, unlocking opportunities, and expanding social impact for current and budding entrepreneurs. Our mission is to foster entrepreneurial thought and action across communities of all backgrounds and interests within and beyond USC.





SpectrumSC provides a community space for LGBTQ2+ individuals interested in pursuing careers in business. SpectrumSC seeks to connect people within the community with one another, with faculty members, and with industry professionals who can support their professional development and their journey of identity exploration. 

Sports Business Association USC


The USC Sports Business Association fosters a community that focuses on educating students on the sports business industry through engaging events and providing them exposure to high-end employment opportunities within the industry.








TAMID at USC is an apolitical, areligious business club that offers members experiential business learning, drawing upon our connections to Israel and the Trojan network. TAMID starts with an interactive classroom curriculum, where members learn about international business in Israel and learn from global business leaders. The program progresses to give members the option of gaining hands-on consulting experiences with Israeli companies, as well as developing and learning crucial finance skills, all while having fun socials and bonding events that create a fun familial environment. Also, members can have an 8-week summer internship in Tel Aviv, the city with the highest number of start-ups per capita.


The Consulting Club


We are a premier consulting club at USC that focuses on rigorous case practice, the improvement of behavioral, and host networking/social events. We are dedicated to preparing all our member for all that consulting recruiting entails.


Trojan Investing Society (TIS)


TIS provides its members with opportunities to learn more about the financial industry through workshops, panels, and networking events. TIS connects members with alumni, professionals, and academics who have been involved in finance in a variety of roles. The Leaders Program is a smaller cohort of freshmen and sophomores focused on technical and behavioral introduction for recruitment preparation. The TIS Mentorship Program pairs sophomores in their spring semester with juniors/seniors mentors who have successfully recruited for internships in the investment banking industry and offers a SF/NY recruiting trip to the top firms at each location.


Trojan Marketing Group (TMG)


Trojan Marketing Group is a student-run, full-service, pro-bono marketing agency. We craft innovative marketing campaigns for businesses and non-profits, with story at our core. 


Value Investing Group (VIG)


The Value Investing Group is USC's leading organization focused on investment analysis and research.


Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)


USC VITA, founded in 2011, is a student-run, nonprofit volunteer organization serving the Central Los Angeles community. We provide free income tax return assistance to moderate-income households. 

We are committed to helping taxpayers in all surrounding communities, as well as USC staff and students.