Seoul National University

Seoul national university

Seoul, Korea

I had a great time. I also heard that it’s easier to make friends when visiting Asian countries because they have some sort of program usually. So if you’re looking to make international friends, I highly recommend this location.

Anonymous, Fall 2018

Seoul National University (SNU) is and has been the indisputable leader of advanced education in Korea since its establishment in 1946. SNU has earned this reputation by maintaining the highest standards in both teaching and research. Kwanak Campus, the main campus of SNU, accommodates four graduate schools, eleven colleges, sixty- six research institutes, and other supporting facilities. Yeongeon campus is the medical campus which includes the University Hospital as well as other research institutes and organizations related to medical sciences. About 20,000 undergraduate students and 11,000 graduate students enroll at SNU every year. The faculty, consisting of 1800 professors and instructors from around the world, teaches students and conducts research at SNU.

Students and Student Organizations:
SNU has around 31,000 students, of which more than 1,200 students are international students, and about 200 among them are international exchange/visiting students. There are eleven colleges and sixty-six research institutes, making SNU one of the top-research institutions in Asia.

SNU offers variety of student activities and sports clubs. Students clubs include musical bands, choir, orchestra, dance, painting, photography, students newspaper, traditional Korean music, travel clubs and SNU International Students Association. Sports clubs are available in fencing, golf, basketball, rugby, scuba-diving, snowboard, ski, horse riding, baseball, yacht, judo, kendo, soccer, taekwondo, tennis, etc. The most popular students clubs amongst these are taekwondo, judo, kendo and traveling clubs.

Exchange students may select from any of the 8-10 advanced business courses offered in English each semester. Students who possess Korean language ability are also eligible to complete the 20-30 additional courses offered solely in Korean during any given term.  USC students will enroll in a minimum of 15 units (5 courses at 3 units each) in order to satisfy their business requirements.

Sample Schedule:
Human Resource Management (3 units)
Investments (3 units)
Legal Aspects of Business (3 units)
International Business Management (3 units)
Intermediate Accouting (3 units)

Potential Visa Issues:
Due to recent changes in the Korean Immigration and Visa laws, students whose parents are/were Korean citizens, yet who themselves are NOT Korean Citizens may encounter problems with obtaining a D-2 student visa, and may have to apply for an F-4, or for a Korean Passport. Please be aware that some of these options may take time and/or involve renouncing one’s rights to citizenship in Korea for themselves and possibly their parents. Please look into this carefully.

Semester Dates:
Fall Semester: 1st week of September till 3rd week of December
Spring Semester:Last week of February till mid-June

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