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Serving Marshall Undergraduate Business Majors


Our Mission

USC Marshall Undergraduate Career Services is here to ensure that each student graduating from Marshall has the opportunity to develop the understanding necessary to navigate the world of work from initial internships through long-term employment. As part of this process, we provide relevant, realistic and supportive guidance to educate students on career readiness skills and enable intentional, proactive career exploration. 




Our Team

The Marshall Undergraduate Student Services Team is here to help Marshall Undergraduate Business Majors navigate the career exploration process and provide meaningful advice to our students throughout the undergraduate experience. Stop by our office in JFF 201 or visit the other pages on our website to learn more!

Onma Lwin (bio)
(213) 740-5705

Lisa Luna (bio)
Associate Director
(213) 740-9617

Claudia Aguilar  (bio)
Associate Director
(213) 740-5705

Katie Nunez  (bio)
Associate Director 
(213) 740-5705

Paul Hardister (bio)
Associate Director
(213) 740-5705

Hannah Neal (bio)
Assistant Director
(213) 740-5705

Susie Ortez (bio)
Career Services Coordinator
(213) 740-5705


Contact Information

Marshall Undergraduate Career Services
610 Childs Way, JFF 201
Los Angeles, CA 90089-3362
(213) 740-5705

Instagram: @ugcareers