Who can use Marshall Academic Resources?

Marshall Study Sessions are available for students from any major enrolled in the following courses: ECON 351x, ECON 352x, BUAD 306/ 308, BUAD 310, and BUAD 311.

Anyone may watch the recorded Cracking the Core workshop, but it is designed for students who are taking or will take ECON 351x and BUAD 310.

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When are Marshall Study Sessions offered?

 Locations, days, and times for the Spring 2024 Marshall Study Sessions can be found here. 

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Why should I use Marshall Academic Resources?

Our goal is to assist students who are experiencing academic difficulty and students who want clarification of course concepts. The Marshall School of Business identified a need to provide academic support for business courses that are traditionally challenging. 

Many students taking these courses will benefit from group review sessions, as the purpose of these sessions is to discuss content covered in the previous and current weeks. This type of review is also known as supplemental instruction and is effective because the Peer Academic Leader serves as a facilitator and students provide the knowledge by sharing concepts based on their lecture notes, class handouts, etc.

Marshall Study Sessions are most helpful if you participate regularly, beginning early in the semester.  Please do not wait to attend until right before an exam!

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What is "Cracking the Core"?

Cracking the Core is a  workshop recommended by faculty and designed by Peer Academic Leaders to review essential math concepts and best practices necessary for success in ECON 351x (Microeconomics for Business) and BUAD 310 (Business Statistics). 

You should bring a pencil and paper to this session for full participation purposes. Cracking the Core is currently offered as a workshop recording

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What kind of assistance is available?

Marshall Study Sessions are offered in a group format and are designed to review and discuss content covered in the previous week and/or the current week. Sessions are on a drop-in basis between the hours offered. You do not need to make an appointment, but you do need to check in for each session.

Our Peer Academic Leaders are current Marshall students who have a strong desire to help their peers succeed academically. PALs have earned an A in the course they review. They have been trained to effectively lead group review sessions.

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Can I attend Marshall Study Sessions instead of attending class?

This program is NOT a substitute for or the equivalent of faculty instruction. PALs are not faculty members or TAs. Attendees are expected to prepare for Marshall Study Sessions by attending class, completing assigned readings, and taking lecture notes.

Please keep in mind that faculty are your best resource for help with a course. We recommend that you speak with your professors regularly during office hours, and contact your professors for help with particularly complex questions.

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How can I prepare for a Marshall Study Session?

You will gain more from your review sessions if you come prepared. We recommend that you attend every class meeting, complete the assigned readings before each class, take good lecture notes, and complete all of your assignments. Please bring all course materials (textbooks, lecture notes, homework assignments, past tests, etc.) with you to your review session, along with any questions that you have about the course readings or lectures.

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How often can I see a Peer Academic Leader?

We encourage you to attend review sessions as often as you can, and to begin using our services early in the semester. Attending Marshall Study Sessions regularly and early in the semester will allow you to gain the most from the experience.

There is no limit on the number of sessions students can attend, but the Peer Academic Leaders will not be able to meet with students outside of the scheduled Marshall Study Sessions. 

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How much does this program cost?

This service is free and open to undergraduate students of all majors at USC.

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