Faculty Academic Advisors

Elective Course Guide

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Enterprise Systems Dan O'Leary ACC 208 213-740-4856
Financial Reporting and Analysis Randy Beatty ACC 117 213-740-4828
K.R. Subramanyam HOH 821 213-740-5017
Business of Creative Industries S. Mark Young ACC 123 213-740-4848
Entrepreneur Program
Graduate Student Enquiries Hovig Tchalian JFF 5th Floor
Technology Commercialization Hovig Tchalian JFF 500
MS Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program Steven Mednick JFF 5th Floor
MS Social Entrepreneurship Program Jill Kickul JFF 5th Floor
Data Sciences and Operations
Information Systems and Technology Milan Miric BRI 308    
Managing in the High Technology Industry Omar El Sawy BRI 401L 213-740-4837
Manufacturing Operations Management Hiroshi Ochiumi BRI 401 213-740-9918  
Services Operations Management Sriram Dasu BRI 401U 213-740-3681
Technology Development and E-Business Mohammed Alyakoob BRI 401
Finance and Business Economics
Investment Banking Julia Plotts HOH 221 213-821-6798
Corporate Finance        
Private Equity Duke Bristow HOH 232 213-740-6513
Hedge Funds        
Venture Capital Duke Bristow HOH 232 213-740-6513
Commercial Banking Fatemeh Ibrahimi Nazarian HOH 224 213-740-3934
Real Estate        
General Financial Management        
Management and Organization
Management Consulting Michael A. Mische HOH 426 213-740-7540
Leadership and Organization Carl Voigt HOH 504 213-740-0764
Business Development and 
B-to-B Marketing
Shantanu Dutta HOH 602 213-740-5038
Rex Kovacevich HOH 622 213-740-5045
Product Innovation and Brand Management Diane Badame HOH 623 213-740-5053
  Lawrence Vincent HOH 331 213-740-5033
Marketing Strategy and Analytics S. Siddarth HOH 313 213-740-5048
Joseph Nunes HOH 336 213-740-5044
Sustainability, Society, and Business
Environmental Paul Adler HOH 516 213-740-0748
Social Jill Kickul BRI 105C