Elective Course Guide

Leventhal School of Accounting

Financial Reporting and Analysis

Description of careers for which concentration prepares students:
This concentration serves two purposes: (1) provides an essential background in financial accounting and analysis for students aspiring to careers in corporate finance, financial consulting, investment banking or as corporate analysts; (2) prepares students for careers in corporate accounting/controllership. Students may choose different emphases within this broad area of concentration through choice of elective courses based on the specific career path desired. This concentration can ideally be combined with a concentration in finance (especially for those aspiring to careers in finance).

Description of the academic content and requirements for concentration:
The two required courses, Financial Statement Analysis (ACCT 581) and Corporate Accounting and Reporting (ACCT 572), provide a deeper understanding of the financial statements so that students can interpret and analyze reported numbers to make inferences about the underlying economic reality. These courses also emphasize the importance of accrual accounting and introduce students to valuation and credit analysis techniques using accounting variables.

The elective courses fall into two broad categories: (1) corporate finance and valuation and (2) accounting and taxation. Students desiring a broad-based emphasis in finance (or those electing to combine this concentration with one from finance) may choose from the various finance courses included as electives. Those desiring a more traditional corporate accounting/ controllership focus may choose electives in accounting, control or taxation.

Required for the Concentration (All of the following):
ACCT 572:  Corporate Accounting and Reporting (3 units)
ACCT 581: Financial Statement Analysis (3 units)

Electives (Choose six units from the following):
ACCT 528: Fair Value Accounting: GAAP, IFRS and Emerging Issues (1.5 units)
ACCT 532: Financial Accounting for Mergers and Acquisitions (1.5 units)
ACCT 533: Mergers and Acquisitions: Tax Planning and Strategy )1.5 units)
ACCT 537: Performance Measurement, Evaluation, and Incentives (3 units)
ACCT 558: Advanced Accounting Valuation (1.5 units)
ACCT 574:  Accounting and Corporate Governance in Global Business (3 units)
FBE 529:  Financial Analysis and Valuation (3 units)
FBE 531:  Corporate Financial Policy and Corporate Goverrnance (1.5 or 3 units)
FBE 532:  Corporate Financial Strategy (3 units)