Business Analytics

Elective Course Guide

Business Analytics provides students with the tools, ideas and frameworks that will aid them in making business decisions in a scientific manner, based on actual data, to improve the performance of their organization.

Business Analytics (a.k.a. Statistics / Data Science) Concentration

Careers for which concentration prepares students:

  • Internet/Tech (Google, IBM, Intel, Facebook, Microsoft, Uber, etc.)
  • Financial Services (Goldman Sachs, PennyMac, Moody’s, etc.)
  • Healthcare (Kaiser Permanente, NovoNordisk, etc.)
  • Media/Entertainment (NBCUniversal, Blizzard, JamCity, Lionsgate, etc.)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain (Amazon, Walmart, Amgen, etc.)
  • Management Consulting (PwC, Deloitte, etc.)

Required Course:  DSO-510 Business Analytics (1.5 or 3 units)

Electives: Complete 9-10.5 units from the following to total 12 units.

     Building Blocks:
          DSO-528 Blended Data Business Analytics for Efficient Decisions (3)
          DSO-545 Statistical Computing and Data Visualization (1.5 or 3)
          DSO-559 Introduction to Python for Business Analytics (1.5)
          DSO-574 Using Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities (3)

          DSO-516 Probability and Data Modeling (1.5)
          DSO-522 Applied Time Series Analysis for Forecasting (1.5 or 3)
          DSO-529 Advanced Regression Analysis (3)
          DSO-530 Applied Modern Statistical Learning Methods (3)
          DSO-569 Deep Learning for Business Applications(1.5)

Decision Making:
          DSO-536 Monte Carlo Simulation and Decision Making (1.5)
          DSO-547 Spreadsheet Modeling for Business Insights (3)
          DSO-570 The Analytics Edge: Data, Models, and Effective Decisions (3)

          DSO-531 Digital Foundations for Business Innovation (1.5)
          DSO-573 Data Analytics Driven Dynamic Strategy & Execution (3)

Fraud Analytics (3)
          DSO-565 Supply Chain Analytics (3)
          DSO-599 Healthcare Analytics (1.5)
          DSO-599 Game Data Analytics (1.5)
          DSO-599 HR and People Analytics (3)
          DSO-599 Applying Analytics to Human Capital in Business (1.5)
          DSO-599 Accelerating Machine Learning Driven Business Transformation (3)
          DSO-599 Smart City Tactics, Technologies, and Operations (3)
          MKT-566 Marketing Analytics (3)

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

Students who wish to receive formal recognition of their dedication to a career in analytics and expertise in the field should consider applying for admission to the Graduate Certificate program in Business Analytics.

Earning the certificate begins with a formal application and admission.

The Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics requires completion of 15 units. Units earned in the process of completing the certificate can be applied to the MBA, the MMS and some other master's degree programs at USC as long as the certificate is completed before or in the same semester as the master's degree. Successful completion of the Graduate Certificate program is documented on the graduate's USC transcript and acknowledged with a diploma issued by USC.

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Master of Science in Business Analytics

For individuals interested in even more in-depth study of business analytics, Marshall offers a Master of Science in Business Analytics.  For more information visit