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Elective Course Guide

Contact Information

  • For more information regarding registration for graduate elective courses, (e.g., wait lists; Independent Study application forms; the registration process, etc.), please contact the Marshall Graduate Registration office via phone at (213) 740-5424 or email at

  • For more information regarding the policies and procedures that relate to applying specific courses to your degree please contact your program academic adviser.

  • For information regarding a specific course (e.g., obtaining a copy of the syllabus or whether additional sections of a course will be offered in a given semester), you should contact the department that offers the course.  The various departments and their locations and phone numbers are listed below. (For best results view in full screen.)

Accounting (ACCT) ACC 101 (213) 740-4838
Business Entrepreneurship (BAEP) JFF 5th Floor (213) 740-0641
Business Communication (BUCO) ACC 400 (213) 740-0627
Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)  BRI 308 (213) 740-0172
Finance and Business Economics (FBE) HOH 231 (213) 740-6515
Management and Organization (MOR) HOH 431 (213) 740-0728
Marketing (MKT) HOH 331 (213) 740-5033
Cinematic Arts (CNTV, CTPR) SCA 235 (213) 740-4432
Communication Management (CMGT) ASC 140 (213) 740-0900
Sol Price School of Public Policy RGL 108 (213) 740-6842


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