Entrepreneurship and Operations

Elective Course Guide

Description of careers for which concentration prepares students:
This concentration prepares students who want to be entrepreneurs and will play a significant operating role in their company as well as students who will join entrepreneurial ventures and have the responsibility to execute the business plan as the operating manager. While many concentrations in the schools prepare students to be excellent analysts, this concentration is focused on preparing them to be entrepreneurial managers.

Description of the academic content and requirements for concentration:
Two required courses provide the necessary skills and tools to come up with a business concept and assess the market feasibility of the product/service as well as develop the project management skills to implement the new venture. Two additional courses selected from the set of electives in the entrepreneurship and operations areas allow the student to focus on either the service or manufacturing industries and, within the sector, whether they want to focus on high technology markets, supply chains, etc.

Students are encouraged to work closely with a faculty advisor to tailor their elective plan to their career interests.

Required for the Concentration:
BAEP-552: Venture Feasibility
BAEP-556: Technology Feasibility
BAEP-566: Cases in Feasibility Analysis for Social Ventures

DSO-580: Project Management

(Choose at least one of the following):
BAEP-553: Cases in New Venture Management
BAEP-554: Venture Initiation
BAEP-557: Technology Commercialization

(Choose at least one of the following):
DSO-547: Spreadsheet Modeling for Business Insights
DSO-581: Supply Chain Management
DSO-582: Service Management: Economics and Operations
DSO-583: Operations Consulting