Research Assistant Pool

The Marshall Behavioral Research Lab offers research support from USC undergraduate and master's students. This is a research assistant matching service available to all full-time Marshall faculty and doctoral students. We will match you with qualified students based on your project needs and preferences. This is ideal if you want our help finding the right fit or prefer leaving the process to our discretion.

To make a request, please complete this 10-minute webform. The coordinator will then match your task to a student based on their availability and skills. Most requests are answered within 2-3 business days. If desired, we will handle all aspects of your project's needs from start to finish. Please note that all new assignments will be formally requested for each new project and task. Any work not listed in your initial request should be submitted separately. 

If you prefer to select your own assistant, please visit the Student Assistant Pool database: Here, you can browse and select assistants directly if you prefer to hand-pick them yourself.

For more information or questions, please contact Brian Huh [].


Welcome to the Marshall Research Assistant Pool FAQ page partitioned by categories. Should you have specific research needs at Marshall, we provide access to highly capable undergraduate and master's students ready to augment your research endeavors. Below are answers to common inquiries related to the RA Pool.


Assignments and Capabilities


What types of assignments can the students undertake?

Our students are proficient in administering both in-person and online experiments, coding paper surveys, extracting data from web sources, and crafting Qualtrics surveys using PHP and Python. For specialized or technical requirements, kindly contact Brian Huh at

Are there any limitations on the types of research projects students can assist with?

Students are prepared to support a broad array of research projects. However, highly specialized or technical tasks should be discussed with our coordinator, Brian Huh, to determine suitability.

Can Faculty and Doctoral Students access student profiles prior to selection?

Yes, the profiles of the students we assign are accessible through our platform: 

How are students selected for the Marshall Research Assistant Pool?

Students are carefully vetted through a rigorous selection process to ensure that they possess the requisite skills and competencies to support a diverse range of research activities. This includes requiring the review of CVs/resumes, references, and the verification of reported skills.

Are international students eligible to participate in the Assistant Pool?

Yes, as long they meet the eligibility criteria for international students are in line with the university's policies and regulations. Specific inquiries may be addressed to our coordinator.


Compensation and Work Hours


What constitutes the pay structure for the Student Assistants?

Wages are charged to your STARS. The compensation for undergraduate students is set at $20 per hour, while master's students receive $25 per hour. Please be advised that during official school recesses, hours worked by non-enrolled students are subject to a 33.5% university overhead charge.

What is the maximum number of work hours permitted for students?

Student assistants may be employed for up to 20 hours per week, with coordination measures in place to ensure an effective commencement of your collaboration.

Are there any changes to pay during academic breaks?

Yes, during official academic intermissions, non-enrolled students' compensation is subject to a 33.5% university overhead.