For Researchers

Whether the research is conducted online or in-person, Marshall offers a variety of research amenities to conduct studies through the Behavioral Research Lab.

Access to the lab must be requested. If you are a full-time faculty or doctoral student at Marshall, you have access to a variety of different rooms and equipment. If you are a non-Marshall, USC affiliate, you may be sponsored by someone who has these privileges.

If you are interested in obtaining lab access, please complete the new user request form found on the new lab user page.


Research Conduct and Integrity:

All research in the Marshall Behavioral Research Lab must be approved by the USC Institutional Review Board (IRB). In addition, research conducted must follow the Policies and Procedures set forth by the Office of the Protection of Research Subjects. Please review the USC Responsible Conduct of Research document as noted in USC's Code of Ethics.

Research Administrators may review information to links on a grant proposal applications, research programs, budgets, training and resources on this page.