For Participants

There are two modes of compensation for participating in our studies.

Course Credit: The researchers at the USC Marshall School of Business conduct marketing and organizational studies throughout the year. Several courses (BUAD 307 and BUAD 304/497) at Marshall include a requirement that students participate in research activities. That is, for some part of course, credit is assigned for research-related activity. You can earn this credit by writing research papers; alternatively, you can earn this credit by attending some research studies and providing your responses as part of the study itself. Students over the age of 18 are eligible to select the second option. Studies vary in their method and amount of credit. Note that study participation is completely optional. You can complete your research requirement by writing papers, if you prefer.

You can sign up for a study by going to the applicable links here:


Cash Payment: Earn cash for your time. To sign up for studies that offer cash for your participation, go to this link:



Before participating in any research study at the Marshall School of Business, you have the right to be informed in broad terms about what the study will entail. You will always have the opportunity to decide to participate in a study. There will be no penalty, though you may not earn credit for that study if you decide not to participate. A written consent form will be provided before every study.

Researchers at the Marshall School of Business are committed to protecting the rights and comfort of student participants.

If you have any questions, please contact the BRL manager at