Non-Marshall Graduate Student Resources

USC non-Marshall graduate students must meet the following eligibility requirements

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree - Proof of your degree must be on record with USC
  • Graduate Student - You must be a current graduate student at USC and admitted into a degree program
  • GPA – You must meet a minimum USC graduate GPA of 3.20. If your graduate GPA is not available yet, your undergraduate GPA must be a minimum of 3.40
  • 12 unit limit – You may not complete in total more than 12 units of graduate Marshall course

Additional Requirements:

  • Grading Option ​– All Marshall Graduate (500 level) courses must be taken for a letter grade. Auditing is not allowed. The only exceptions are for courses which require a Credit/No Credit grading scale.
  • Prerequisite Requirements - If you have not completed the prerequisite requirement(s) for a course and still wish to enroll, you must obtain the instructor's approval by email. Once you receive the pre-requisite waiver, forward the email to and complete the non-Marshall student application. 

USC non-Marshall graduate students must complete a Non-Marshall Student Application Form in order to take a Marshall graduate (500 level) course. If a class is full, the non-Marshall student application will serve as a waitlist.

 fall 2024 Non-Marshall Student Application   

 Summer 2024 Non-Marshall Student Application   


Fall 2024 Semester Non-Marshall Student Application Timeline:

Students may complete the Non-Marshall Applications beginning on May 1st,2024 at 9:00 AM.

Note: The application link will only become available on May 1st at 9:00 AM.

Please DO NOT attempt to apply via email before that date, as your application will be declined.

Non-Business Applications will be processed beginning Wednesday May 8th, 2024, in the order in which they were received.