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Innovative New Courses – Spring 2022

As the USC Marshall School of Business enters its next 100 years, its mission is to equip students with the practical, technical, and human skills they will need to thrive today and into the future.  As they enter their careers as business leaders, students will enter a world defined by unlimited opportunity for success—but also unparalleled responsibility for societal change.

To address these challenges, Marshall announces two new courses to launch in the spring of 2022 that are designed to engage all USC students on topics essential to their growth as future leaders, regardless of their major or specialization.

These new courses, “The Marshall Difference: Human-Centric Problem Solving” and “AI: Seed for Change or Existential Threat” – will give students both the human leadership abilities and the fluency with technology the world of business in the 21st Century demands.

Andrew Ogilvie

“The Marshall Difference: Human-Centric Problem Solving,” taught by Assistant Professor of Clinical Business Communication AJ Ogilvie, will challenge students to solve “wicked” problems through teamwork and the direct application of business knowledge. This course will also help students gain insight into the various pathways through our business education and will prove invaluable to students early on in their Marshall journey.

From Professor Ogilvie:
“In this course, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a wicked business problem in a team, and then see how faculty and industry experts would solve that same problem. Through this process you’ll utilize a problem-solving framework and see challenges from multiple perspectives. Along the way, you’ll see how the different Marshall courses and emphases equip you with knowledge from key business domains and empower you to direct your business career.”

Vishal Gupta

“AI: Seed for Change or Existential Threat,” taught by Associate Professor of Data Science and Operations Vishal Gupta, is designed for more experienced students and features guest speakers on the forefront of advanced technological innovation from the private sector, government, and nonprofits.

From Professor Gupta:
“This class isn’t a “how-to” course for AI—we won’t be coding, we won’t be looking at data, and we won’t be struggling through math. Rather than asking 'how do we use AI or machine learning to do something?' we’ll be asking, 'Should we use AI or machine learning to do this?'   And, if we should, how will this change our business or disrupt our industry?  And, most importantly, how can we as responsible leaders do it in a way that doesn’t unintentionally harm others?

These are real questions that need answers. Join me, and let’s get to work…”

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