Marshall Connections Program (MCP)

The Marshall Connections Program (MCP) helps first-year Marshall students get connected and engaged with USC and the Marshall School of Business in order to ensure their academic success.

The Office of Undergraduate Advising developed the the Marshall Connections Program to assist new freshmen and transfer students transition to USC Marshall by helping them nurture relationships with Marshall faculty, staff, classmates, and business professionals.  The program provides networking opportunities and creates awareness of academic and career support programs to enhance student success.  MCP has five basic principles:

CREATE a network of peers within Marshall

CONNECT with Marshall faculty and staff

DEVELOP leadership skills and gain experience

MEET professionals in the field

INSTILL a strong sense of community

The Marshall Connections Program provides these opportunities throughout the academic year so that students can begin to develop a network and community of peers, faculty, and staff in order to ensure they have a successful transition to USC as well as begin considering their educational and career goals.  Through MCP, Marshall students have the chance to connect with each other in smaller, more intimate settings by having meals with  MCP Faculty Mentors and participating in the MCP Advising Series.  They can hear from Marshall leaders and  business professionals at Business Casual events, and attending programs that introduce them to topics like networking, career services, and internships.

Check your USC email regularly for invitations to and information about upcoming MCP events or contact the Office of Undergraduate Advising.