Global Leadership Program (GLP)

The Global Leadership Program (GLP) brings together the best and brightest of the USC Marshall Freshmen.

The Global Leadership Program (GLP) is a groundbreaking program open by invitation only to the most academically talented students in each incoming freshmen class. GLP consists of a fall & spring course, BUAD 101 Freshman Leadership Seminar, during the academic year, including regular meetings for social activities, networking, advising, & career development. The experience is capped off with a visit to Shanghai or Beijing during spring break. During the trip, students will be meeting with executives of some of the top companies and businesses in major cities in Asia as well as local & national government officials. In their latter years, GLP Alumni have the opportunity to plan events and mentor younger students, as well as continue to travel abroad to learn about the global impact of business.

Time: Spring break (one week)
Destination: Shanghai or Beijing
Course req’d: BUAD 101GET INVOLVED!
GLP Peer Mentor
GLP Activities Committee
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Office of Admissions

Goals of the Global Leadership Program

Creation of a community of GLP students, past and present, and mentoring of new students by GLP Alumni.
Development of events and programs that foster leadership and knowledge of international business.
Introduction of resources and programs of interest; promotion of greater interaction between faculty and students.

GLP Trips

GLP students who participate in a spring break trip to China (Beijing/Shanghai) and also have the opportunity to apply for summer internships in China.

To learn more about GLP students’ experiences abroad, check out blogs from students who traveled abroad on past trips.  Many other international trips are also offered to Marshall students through the LINC and ExCeL programs.

GLP Peer Mentors and GLP Activities Committee

GLP Peer Mentors and GLP Activities Committee assist with programming and event planning for GLP freshmen.  GLP Peer Mentors are GLP Alumni who are available to answer questions or share knowledge about USC and the Marshall School of Business with new students.  The GLP Activities Committee is comprised of current students and GLP Mentors who develop and plan academic and social events for the GLP freshmen.

For more GLP admission info, contact
Office of Admissions