Welcome Employers!
The Marshall Student Services Office is happy to help your organization connect directly with our talented undergraduate business administration and accounting students.  We supplement the great programs of the USC Career Center, which are tailored to meet the needs of our undergraduate student community and valued employers. For an overview of our undergraduate student community, including demographics, job placement, and starting salaries, please review our UG Recruiter Brochure – 2014-2015.  The Recruiter Handbook reflecting 2014 self-reported student data will be available in early September.

There are several great ways to generate buzz and increase your company’s presence among our Marshall undergraduates. Click here to view the 2015-2016 Employer Involvement and Recruiting Calendar that highlights key involvement opportunities during the upcoming academic year and details outreach strategies to get connected with our students.

If you would like to discuss your involvement and outreach strategy, please reach out to the career advisor that most closely aligns with your industry below.

Molly Waldeck, Career Development Advisor, molly.waldeck@marshall.usc.edu

Susanna Zens, Career Development Advisor, zens@marshall.usc.edu

Susanna Zens Molly Waldeck
Consumer Goods/Retail Consulting
Media/Entertainment/Sports Finance
Technology Real Estate
Non-profit/Gov’t/Education Start Ups

Employer Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in recruiting USC Marshall undergraduate business administration and accounting students! The Employer Guidelines below outline best practices and what to expect while recruiting undergraduate students in the USC Marshall School of Business. These guidelines have been established to ensure maximum exposure and widest reach for you in your recruitment efforts. There are a number of ways to get involved with our students. In addition to the guidelines listed below, please review the information on connectSC for detailed information regarding On-Campus Recruiting, Career Fairs, Internship Week, and the USC Career Center’s Recruiting Guidelines. Below is more information regarding the services offered by the USC Marshall Office of Undergraduate Student Services.

Job and Internship Postings

To post a full-time or internship position, please visit the Marshall Career Source. The Marshall Career Source is the online posting site for jobs, internships, events, and announcements for undergraduate business and accounting students.  Please follow the steps to register as a new employer, or if you are an existing employer, simply enter your username and password on the site homepage. Job postings will be reviewed within one business day. Marshall Student Services cannot post positions on behalf of an employer or contact. Companies must create their own accounts and manage the posting of their job and internship listings.

Marshall Career Source Weekly Newsletter

The Marshall Career Source Weekly Newsletter is a great way to advertise upcoming events, job and internship opportunities, and announcements to Marshall undergraduate students. The Newsletter is distributed weekly on Thursday mornings. Companies may advertise in the weekly newsletter by sending a short blurb to our office at ugcareers@marshall.usc.edu with the subject line “Marshall Career Source Weekly Newsletter_Employer Name.” All information must be received by Tuesday at 5:00pm in order to be included in Thursday’s newsletter. Informational blurbs must be a maximum of 100 words and, if applicable, include all information regarding the event details (time, date, location, and MCS job posting number) or how to RSVP if it is an event. Marshall Student Services reserves the right to refuse posting of information at any time in the newsletter.

Student Organizations

Marshall has an established network of committed and involved undergraduate student organizations. Engaging with USC Marshall student organizations is a great way to connect with Marshall’s top talent  We welcome employers to partner directly with these groups to host events or promote position opportunities through employer sessions, workshops, coffee chats, and more! Click here for a complete list of Marshall-recognized student organizations for the 2015-2016 academic year. If you would like to discuss a more targeted outreach strategy or opportunities to connect directly with students, please contact Molly or Susanna directly.

Social Media

Follow us on Twitter  and Like us on Facebook to stay up to date with recent news from the Student Services Office!  Companies may advertise positions on Facebook and Twitter by sending a short blurb to our office at ugcareers@marshall.usc.edu with the subject line “Social Media Posting_Employer Name.” To post on Twitter, informational blurbs must be a maximum of 140 characters. To post on Facebook, blurbs must be a maximum of 300 characters. Please allow one business day from receipt of your email for posting to Facebook and Twitter. Marshall Student Services reserves the right to refuse posting of information to social media at any time.

Information Sessions and Events

Due to class scheduling and space restrictions, Marshall Student Services is unable to host employer information sessions and events in the USC Marshall School at any time throughout the year. To inquire about hosting an information session or event, please contact the USC Career Center at careers@usc.edu. On-Campus Recruiting  and Company Information Sessions are hosted by the USC Career Center and more information is located HERE.

Our office is happy to advertise your event through the Marshall Career Source, the Weekly Newsletter, and social media!  To advertise the event in our office, please indicate the channels in which you would like to advertise (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter) and provide the following information: event contact name and email address, event location, date and time of event, and how to RSVP. To allow maximum exposure among USC Marshall students, submit your request one week prior to the event or information session date. Information received less than one week of the event date may not be viewed by our students, and may result in significantly reduced attendance.

Event and Posting Advertisement via Flyers

Due to facilities constraints, the Student Services Office is not able to advertise employer information sessions or postings via flyers at this time.



Thank you for providing opportunities to USC Marshall undergraduate students. We look forward to working with you to meet your recruiting needs.