Applying to Marshall for Current USC Students


The Marshall School of Business welcomes USC students who wish to take on a business major or minor.

At USC Marshall, students develop a thorough knowledge of business fundamentals including: business economics, business statistics, accounting, organizational behavior, finance, marketing, business communication, and business strategy.

If you have been admitted to USC as a freshmen and have not completed the first three weeks of your first semester at USC, please contact the Marshall Office of Undergraduate Admissions for further information.  Please note that admissions decisions are competitive.  If you are not admitted as a freshman, you may apply later for internal transfer to the Marshall school. For information about applying for internal admission to Marshall as a continuing USC student, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Advising.

Students admitted to USC as transfer students from another institution may apply for internal transfer to the Marshall School after matriculating at USC and completing the requirements for internal transfer. For information about applying for internal transfer to Marshall as a continuing USC student, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Advising.

Students who are currently enrolled at USC can apply for internal transfer into the Marshall School as Business Administration majors or apply for one of our minor programs.  The Marshall Office of Undergraduate Advising is available to assist prospective internal transfer students and prospective minors with their questions concerning the program and the application requirements.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend one of our information sessions or schedule an advising appointment well ahead of registration or other important dates.


Students are encouraged to attend one of the following information sessions to learn about the major and minor application process:

• Wednesday, August 27, 5-6pm, HOH 415
• Tuesday, September 2, 5-6pm, HOH 415
• Monday, September 29, 5-6pm, ACC 312
• Thursday, October 23, 5-6pm, HOH 415
• Wednesday, October 29, 5-6pm, ACC 312
• Monday, November 3, 5-6pm, ACC 312
• Tuesday, November 11, 5-6pm, HOH 415
• Wednesday, November 19, 5-6pm, ACC 312
• Tuesday, November 25, 5-6pm, HOH 415
• Thursday, December 4, 5-6pm, HOH-415


The Fall 2014 Marshall Major Application cycle is now open. Applications for the major and minor will be due December 4th. A sample application is available for students by selecting Major Sample Application.

Admission decisions will be communicated electronically through students’ USC email accounts. Until admitted, students should register for the upcoming term in their current program of study.  Students will be able to register for Marshall classes and will be assigned a Marshall academic advisor after admission.

Any questions concerning internal transfer admission decisions can be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Advising within ten business days of the notification date. Admission decisions are final; appeals may be considered only in the case of a documented grading error in required or related course work.

Here is the video to further explain the internal transfer application process