GEMBA X Celebrates their Graduation in USC L. A. Campus

After 20 months of hard work, our GEMBA Class X students have now completed their final module with GEMBA. So we celebrated their achievement with the grand graduation ceremony at Town & Gown building, USC Marshall L. A. Campus with their family and friends. Dean Ellis of USC Marshall School of Business and Dean Zhou from Shanghai Jiaotong University Antai College of Economics Management attended the ceremony and gave speech.

Congratulations to GEMBA Class X!


Thanks for Coming to GEMBA Year-end Party in XinTianDi

We held a celebration banquet for our GEMBA family – about 50 GEMBAs and their family members and friends enjoyed a tasty buffet served in the beautiful loft of the Andaz Hotel in XinTianDi, along with a gift exchange.

Many of our GEMBA family members won great prizes in our lucky draw. Violet Lee from GEMBA XI won the top prize, a folding bike, the Strida LT, valued at about US$700, sponsored by GEMBA XI Angie Xiong. Congratulations to all GEMBAs who won prizes last night, and thanks to all who attended.

Thanks all for coming to the GEMBA Year-end Party for 2014.





Steven Du from GEMBA XII and Eden Xu from GEMBA III were awarded the “Best Partner”.

year end party 2

Violet Lee from GEMBA XI won the top prize of last night, a folding bike called Strida LT, valued NTD 20,000, sponsored by Angie Xiong who’s also from GEMBA XI.

GEMBA X Celebrates their Graduation

(Our GEMBA Class X celebrates their graduation at the SJTU Shanghai Campus with the GEMBA “X” gesture.)


After 18 months of hard work, our GEMBA Class X students have now completed their final Shanghai module at our SJTU Shanghai campus, and will meet for their final module in Los Angeles in January. So we celebrated their achievement with our annual graduation ceremony on the SJTU campus on 3 November 2014.
(GEMBA Class X’s graduation dinner, with class member Ankur Goyal in traditional Indian attire.)
In celebration of their coming graduation, the GEMBA X class held a festive banquet at one of Shanghai’s top Indian restaurants. To reflect GEMBA’s global nature, we chose this opportunity to learn something about Diwali, the most important festival on the Indian calendar, which ended just before the class started.
(Congratulations to GEMBA Class X!)

USC-SJTU GEMBA Shandong Forum Integration into the Global Economy – Chinese Companies Going Global

(GEMBA Shandong Forum: Integration into The Global Economy—New Strategies of Chinese Enterprises)


On 24 October 2014, the USC-SJTU Global Executive MBA in Shanghai and the Shanghai Institute for National Economy hosted “Integration into The Global Economy—New Strategies of Chinese Enterprises” in Jinan, Shandong Province. The forum aimed to strengthen the interaction between industry, academia and the government, specially inviting famous scholars and successful entrepreneurs to discuss effective internationalization for Chinese enterprises.

Event Background
2014 will be the first year that overseas investment of Chinese enterprises’ outbound investment outstrips FDI in China, a watershed in Chinese enterprises’ globalization. Global development strategies are increasingly important for a growing number of domestically-based companies.
But as Chinese enterprises go overseas, an insufficient understanding of the complex and volatile international environment and a lack of cross-cultural/international management experience are increasingly severe barriers to success. The conference aimed to help these enterprises overcome the barriers and capture the opportunities?
About The Hosts
The USC-SJTU Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) in Shanghai
The USC-SJTU Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) is a unique program offered by the University of Southern California in partnership with Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
Join managers from throughout Asia in this innovative EMBA program that features the same faculty and curriculum as Marshall’s top 10 ranked EMBA program in Los Angeles. Earn your USC MBA degree in thirteen sessions spread over 20 months. Upon graduation, you become part of USC’s world famous, life-long and worldwide alumni family, and the alumni family of Shanghai Jiao Tong University as well.
Shanghai Institute for National Economy
The Shanghai Institute for National Economy of Shanghai Jiao Tong University is a policy research platform, positioning in the China first-class, world-renowned think-brain; relying on the professors and professional team; to serve the government, enterprises and the social from all walks of life. Institute is committed to providing theoretical and practical advice for the Chinese economic and social development through the establishment of collaborative innovation mechanism with a wide range of first-class research institutions at home and abroad, to provide research basis for the formulation of public policy, and actively promote the innovation policy research economics system to establish China characteristics.

Roman Shaw from GEMBA III Shares His M&A Experience with GEMBA Classes X and XI

On 18 September 2014, Mr. Roman Shaw from GEMBA III returned to campus and shared his profound perspective on the M&A industry in China. Comparing the difficult M&A situation in the past and the open policy in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone nowadays, Roman shared his experiences of the two different phases of China’s M&A environment, and related how he’s generated solid business performance by adapting to change. Roman’s talk included discussion of several of his recent M&A cases.
GEMBA regularly welcomes our alumni to visit and share their experiences, opportunities we treasure. Thanks again to Roman and all our alumni supporters.

GEMBA XI Student Panel How Do We Apply Statistics in Our Own Industries?

On 18 August, five of our GEMBA XI students shared their real-world perspectives on how statistics are used effectively in business today. THe class had just completed their class sessions with statistics Prof. Dawn Porter.

Our speakers were: Mr. Chen Bao, Eastern Divisional Sales Manager at Spirax Sarco Engineering (China) Ltd.; Ms. Huifang Schulenberg, Product Manager at Continental Tires (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, China; Mr. C.J. Chan, General Manager at Senco General Tools (Suzhou) Co., Ltd; Mr. Bruce Ling, Operations Manager, Nanjing Office at Worley Parsons China; and Mr. John Farren, Automation Director at Nike Taiwan.

Student panels are a feature of GEMBA, with two or so during the program. They add to our students’ perspectives on current issues and opportunties in the Pacific Rim.

GEMBA X Engages with Business and Government Leaders in Singapore and Saigon

(GEMBA X visited Mapletree in Singapore)


From 17 to 22 August, 36 members of GEMBA Class X spent a full week in Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), Vietnam, having deep and rewarding discussions with about 17 business and government leaders, and visiting sites ranging from a community center to large-scale manufacturers to retail complexes.

In Singapore, the GEMBA X class engaged with a Senior Minister Of State and the head of the American Chamber of Commerce, plus leaders from BMC Software, Alphadyne, Mapletree, Google, Cushman & Wakefield, UPS and GM International, along with several highly accomplished entrepreneurs.

In Saigon, the GEMBA X class engaged with a similar mix of business and government leaders, and also visited one of the country’s largest industrial complexes. Our visits included one to the country’s first McDonald’s.

The GEMBA program features study in three to four countries, to help students gain a truly global perspective. The program features ten themes, each focused on a different aspect of today’s business challenges and opportunities. With the trip to Singapore and Saigon, the GEMBA X class completed its Theme 7, Global Front Line Perspectives. As we have strong alumni connections throughout East Asia, many of our host speakers and sites in the two cities were GEMBA or USC alumni.

(GEMBA X in Export Trip)


Antai-Marshall joint session: Why Has IFRS Adoption in China Reduced Foreign Institutional Investment?

On 14 August, Professors Mark DeFond of USC Marshall and Xia Lijun of SJTU Antai led a joint class session, during which they discussed the findings of their joint research: that China’s adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) has not only had no positive effect on foreign institutional investment in China, it has had some negative effect. Nearly 40 people including GEMBA XI participated the session, then a reception for further networking.


Congratulations to GEMBA IV Ziping Wang, who won 3rd prize in the men’s doubles at the East China Business School Badminton Competition.

Congratulations to GEMBA IV Ziping Wang, who won 3rd prize in the men’s doubles at the East China Business School Badminton Competition.

More than 200 EMBAs from 15 business schools competed, and four GEMBAs competed on behalf of SJTU’s Antai College Badminton Club for this event. We look forward to more participation from GEMBAs in the future.

Contact us if you wish to join GEMBAs for badminton activities:; +86-21-62932713

GEMBA Class XI Visits FedEx Distribution Center

(GEMBA Class XI visited FedEx in LAX)


On 27 June, the GEMBA XI students visited the FedEx distribution center at the Los Angeles International Airport. Mr. Steve Hornstra, Strategic Operations Manager and also an alumnus of the USC Marshall EMBA program, shared his 20 years experience on optimizing operation processes and strategy for FedEx. Afterwards, he led a tour of the facility, indicating how the airplanes, conveyor belts and team all interact to produce highly efficient outcomes.

Thanks to the generousity of Hornstra, the GEMBA classes have been visiting FedEx for some years now, and the visit is always a highly evaluated component of the class week in L.A.

Prof. Jacob Soll of USC Dornsife Discusses the “History of Accounting” with GEMBA Class XI in L. A.

(Prof. Jacob Soll, Professor of History and Accounting, USC)


On 26 June 2014, USC Prof. Jacob Soll discussed the history of accounting, the subject of his groundbreaking new book “The Reckoning”, with GEMBA Class XI students at their class session in Los Angeles. The GEMBA XI students were in their Theme 2A, Evaluating Market Performance, which has accounting as a major component, so Prof. Soll’s discussion was especially relevant for them.

“The Reckoning: Financial Accountability and the Making and Breaking of Nations,” has received stellar reviews in major outlets including Bloomberg News and the Financial Times. In it, Prof. Soll examines how the waxing and waning of accounting and the use of double-entry bookkeeping impacted the fortunes of modern states including France under King Louis XIV, Florence during the Renaissance—and the rise of the De Medici banking family—and the Netherlands during the Golden Age of the Dutch East India Company.
“The history of accounting is a story,” said Prof. Soll, “about the rise and fall of nations. When talking about wealth and poverty—and the survival of companies and governments—accounting plays a major role.”

GEMBA LifeStyle Health Lecture Held Successfully

(GEMBA alumni joined the activity at ‘Body Talk Spa’)


Shanghai, 8 June 2014: GEMBA LifeStlye launched its first event at ‘Body Talk Spa’. Chinese doctor Gao Youtao gave a lecture about TCM in general and some seasonal points. All attendees also enjoyed some specially designed exercises, followed by a spa treatment.

The GEMBA LifeStyle is a bi-monthly series of culture-related events including healthcare, music/art classes, city history discovery and other activities aimed at developing a healthier lifestyle.

GEMBA Celebrates Ten-Year Anniversary

(GEMBA family celebrated its 10th anniversary in Shangri-la Shanghai.)11

Shanghai, 10 May 2014: The USC-SJTU Global Executive MBA in Shanghai today celebrated ten years of developing global leaders, with Class XI beginning their study this week. The celebration in Shanghai’s Shangri-La had more than 200 GEMBA students, alumni and others, who enjoyed the great cuisine, an opportunity to talk with old friends and make new ones. A special feature this year’s celebration was fund raising for Angel Confidant Salon, a local charity that supports children with autism. The GEMBA family finally raised RMB111,330 for Angel Confidant Salon.

Dean Zhou Lin of the Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, said, “We’re proud to welcome another great class to the GEMBA family and the Antai community.” Dean James Ellis of the USC Marshall School of Business added, “these great new GEMBAs are a credit to our program and our two schools.

The GEMBA family also celebrates today the graduation of Class IX, which we also observed in Los Angeles in January.

“I joined GEMBA for the unique learning environment, the remarkable diversity among the classmates and the unmatched alumni networks in China and throughout east Asia, not to mention California,” said Felix Wong, President of Class IX.

We’ve created a shutterfly webpage called “gemba10thanniversary” to share the event pictures with you. Come check it out at 

GEMBA Connect: Strategies for Career Change – Working with Recruiters

(David Chong from GEMBA VII gave speech for GEMBA Connect.)7

19 April, Shanghai – Mr. David Chong (GEMBA VII and Founder of GEMBA Connect) led another great GEBMA Connect session, giving his perspective on how to work with recruiters to achieve more in our careers. Nearly 40 GEMBA alumni and GEMBA XI students attended the event.

David was the top billing recruiter at Robert Half Tokyo in 2010 and was selected to help launch Robert Half Shanghai. David will join Randstad Singapore from May 2014 as Senior Recruiter. Randstad is the world’s second-largest HR service provider, operating in 39 countries, with €16.6 billion in revenue in 2013.

Before the GEMBA Connect lunch, program executive director John Van Fleet and program associate director Doris Cao led the annual GEMBA orientation for about half of the incoming GEMBA IX students.

About GEMBA Connect GEMBA Connect is a theme-based lunch/dinner for GEMBA alumni. GEMBA Connect provides a quarterly platform for GEBMAs to catch up as well as gain high-value perspective from fellow alumni and other business leaders.


GEMBA 10th Anniversary Seminar Series: SJTU Antai / USC Marshall Host Spring Forum

(Spring forum themed “Foresight. Innovation. Future” by GEMBA and SJTU Antai.)6

29 March, Shanghai. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of SJTU’s Antai College of Economics and Management, and the 10th anniversary of the launch of USC-SJTU’s GEMBA program, Antai’s Executive MBA program and GEMBA co-hosted a spring forum themed “Foresight. Innovation. Future”. We were honored to have about 300 delegates.

Our speakers included Mr. Kenneth Jarrett, President, American Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai; Mr. Ted Lee, President, T-Plus Capital (founder of Deloitte China and current Chair, USC Alumni Club of Shanghai), Mr. Hui Shen, Vice President, Geely Group/President, Volvo China and Mr. Mo Wang, CEO, Chery Overseas Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. sharing their thoughts on “Chinese Enterprises Going Global”. Prof. Zhou Lin, Dean of the Antai College, opened with welcoming remarks and moderated the panel discussion.

The spring forum was one component of a series we’ve been hosting since last year, “Globalization and Innovation at Chinese Enterprises”, to mark GEMBA’s ten-year anniversary. Previous speakers in the series have included Jonathan Wang, a director at Yihaodian, one of China’s leading e-commerce brands, and Jame Rice, CEO of Shuijingfang, one of China’s leading baijiu brands.

GEMBAs Join the USC Trojan Marching Band Performance in Shanghai

3More than 100 USC Trojans including many GEMBAs came out to support the USC Trojan Marching Band’s performances around downtown Shanghai The band started 09:00 in front of the Jing’an Park and continued with stops in many Shanghai landmarks such as Xintiandi, People’s Square and the Bund. All the GEMBAs were really proud to be a part of Trojan family and happy to help build  our global image.

















Shortly after the University of Southern California was founded in 1880, a group of musicians first came together to form what would become the Trojan Marching Band (TMB). Now the largest spirit organization on campus, the band has developed into one of the most exciting and innovative collegiate marching bands in the country, and is the only collegiate band to have two platinum records. Featuring more than 300 passionate students from nearly every major at USC, the TMB is a prominent and visible representative of the university, with more than 300 engagements each year. It has truly earned its nickname, “The Spirit of Troy”, for its commitment to USC and its tireless support of Trojans.

Special Olympics and the USC Alumni Club in Shanghai Celebrate with a Charity Gala

(At USC GALA 2014)5

The University of Southern California (USC) Alumni Club in Shanghai and Special Olympics jointly organized a charity gala dinner at Shanghai’s Four Seasons Hotel. Distinguished guests included Ms. Mary Gu, President and Managing Director, Special Olympics East Asia; Mr. Bill Duff, Political and Economic Section Chief of U. S. Consulate General, Ms. Rebecca L. Branham, President, USC Shanghai Alumni Club of Shanghai; Mr. Kenneth Jarrett, President, the American Chamber of Commerce; and Ms. Julie Lucas, Associate Senior Vice President for Advancement of the University of Southern California.

About 240 USC alumni and friends, including nearly 50 GEMBAs, joined the celebration.

The Auction Items included a basketball signed by Mr. Yao Ming, and a souvenir set signed by Ms. Yang Yang – both are Special Olympics Global Ambassador. 100% of the proceeds have been contributed to the Special Olympics and to the “USC China Scholarship Fund”, aimed at helping mainland Chinese study at USC.

GEMBA Alumni Share Their Career Developments

(GEMBA Alumni Sharing Panel, Shanghai, 20 Feb. 2014)1































Three of our GEMBA alumni, each representing various types of career development (growth within an industry, changing career path, launching an entrepreneurial enterprise) shared their thoughts about how their own careers have grown, and how their GEMBA experience has supported their career development.

David Chong, GEMBA VII, Deputy General Manager at Carbon Block Technology Drinking Water Systems (Shanghai), shared his experience of transitioning to a new career path and being hired by one of his classmates. Elton Pan, GEMBA VIII, Sales Director at Agilent Technologies China,described how he used the knowledge and skills he acquired during his GEMBA experience to help his company achieve rapid growth. Margot Schumacher, also GEMBA VIII, founder and president of Consulting and Coaching for Growth,discussed the experience of launching her own business.

After the talk by our three alumni, our guests enjoyed conversation with them and others over refreshments.

About GEMBA The Credibility You Seek, The Transformation You Need – the Global Executive MBA in Shanghai (GEMBA) begins its second thriving decade with three unique benefits: a transformational education experience, based on our theme-based, integrated curriculum; the prestige of the USC Marshall MBA degree, and a remarkably powerful alumni family throughout Asia and beyond.

Successful GEMBA Entrepreneur Speaks to GEMBA IX

The GEMBA IX class recently gathered for their final GEMBA session, in Los Angeles, and then celebrated their graduation on campus. One element of their program was entrepreneurship, and we welcomed Mr. Richard Kang, a graduate of our GEMBA VI class, who has taken a great entrepreneurial leap with the founding of Wipit:


















Richard shared with the class the evolution of Wipit and some thoughts about how his GEMBA experience had contributed to his development as an entrepreneur.

You can read more about Wipit on their website,, and learn about a recent accomplishment in this press release, Boost Mobile Customers No Longer Need to Carry Cash with Launch of Boost Mobile Wallet. GEMBA congratulates Richard and thanks him for his ongoing contributions to the GEMBA family.


GEMBA VIII Alumnus T. J. Green Shares His Thoughts on Hollywood in China

(T.J.Green, CEO, APEX Entertainment, GEMBA VIII Alumnus)webwxgetmsgimg

















On 15 January 2014, GEMBA VIII alumnus T. J.Green discussed “Hollywood in China” with the USC Alumni Club of Shanghai at their monthlybusiness luncheon.

T.J. related his thoughts on the China-specific movie industry, from the business environment and policies to challenges and opportunities he sees. About 30 USC alumniand others attended.

T.J. has  22 years of worldwide entertainment experience, including 12 years in China. He has opened and operated more than 150 entertainment facilities in his career, with most leading their respective markets. T.J. is currently the CEO at APEX Entertainment, supported by Entertainment Properties Trust (NYSE: EPR), the largest entertainment property owner in North America, with more than US$3billion in assets.

GEMBA and the USC Alumni Club in Shanghai highly value T.J.’s membership in and contribution to our community. We look forward to more great USC/GEMBA events, such as our alumni roundtable on 20 February, our women as entrepreneurs panel discussionon 27 February, and our next event in our year-long ‘Chinese Companies Going Global’ series.

Welcome to join GEMBA Events.