GEMBA C-Suite TALK Series-Global Media Enterprises and the Chinese Media Consumer

On 24 Sept. GEMBA held another in the C-Suite Talk Series – Global Media Enterprises and the Chinese Media Consumer. Our featured speakers brought their strong backgrounds in media and entertainment industries, and their current perspectives on strategy, to share with the audience.

C-Suite Talk Series – Global Media Enterprises and the Chinese Media Consumer Forum.

They were:
Ms. Yvonne Wang (GEMBA II alumna), Chief Operating Officer of Hearst China (赫斯特中国), a highly recognized leader and mentor with more than two decades of experience serving as COO and CFO.
Mr. Joseph Liao, CMO of Sony Pictures China (索尼影视娱乐有限公司), his film projects include “Titanic 3D”, “Life of Pi” and “Ice Age 4”.
Wang and Liao shared the challenges and opportunities they face, in an environment where content development is exploding and big data changes everything. They also related their strategic thoughts on operation and development, to maintain leadership in their industries.
The Academic Director of the GEMBA Program, Prof. Baizhu Chen, and tenured chair Professor of Marketing, Shantanu Dutta, joined the panel.
About Hearst: As a world-top media group with more than 120 years of history, Hearst has divisions all over the world, and also host lots of top fashion magazines like ELLE, BAZZAR and COSMO. However, facing key opinion leaders (KOLs)‘WeMedia’ challenge, they face rapidly evolving and increasing content competition. In response, Hearst has built lots of powerful media platforms and channels to keep these KOLs on Hearst’s side and become Hearst’s powerful content providers. In this way, KOL can rely on Hearst’s platform and readership to build their own brand, and Hearst can also rely on the KOLs to provide various and fresh content to increase the interaction with their readers or fans, a win-win business mode.
Apart from this, Hearst is not giving up creating their own content. As the most powerful KOL in fashion and beauty industry, Hearst keeps creating exclusive and high-end content with highest quality to the readers all over the world. And they distribute these quality content through all the platforms and media channels they host and maintain. This also helps to maintain their leader position in the readers.
GEMBA’s next C-Suite Talk Series would be “China Companies Going Global” on 5 Nov. 2016. We are honored to have Mr. Xin Jin, Global Creative Director at Huawei Technologies, Consumer BG; GEMBA Class IX alumni; Mr. Arthur Dicker, Asia Pacific Regional Counsel, Cadence Design Systems; mentor at Chinaccelerator, and founder of the Trojan Venture Group; GEMBA Class XI alumni and director from Fosun Group to be our featured speakers to share their perspectives with you. Welcome to join us.

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