GEMBA Exploring China #2- Hangzhou, company visit to Hundsun Technology Inc.

We are living an era of “Internet+” and China is now experiencing a new, unusually volatile era of its stock market. Hundsun Technology Inc., a leader in finance software and network services, is accordingly attracting more and more attention these days. On 17 July, a group of GEMBA alumni visited Hundsun, in Hangzhou, east China, the second of our GEMBA Exploring China series.


Two executive managers of Hundsun, Mr. Zhao and Mr. Li, warmly welcomed the GEMBA group. Zhao shared great insight on “Internet plus Finance, Hundsun’s Financial Management Service”.


And the group discussed several hot topics, such as how internet finance changing the rules, current hot investment areas and Hundsun’s strategy on risk management strategy.


“GEMBA Exploring China”, is a GEMBA alumni initiative launched in early 2015. The GEMBA Alumni Committee, led by GEMBA alums, seeks to provide all GEMBAs with stronger connections, deeper understanding of business in China and beyond, and business opportunities.

Big thanks to GEMBA Alumni Committee member, Jerry Zhou from GEMBA Class X, for initiating and leading this visit. Please stay connected with us to learn about our upcoming activities.

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