How the Innovation is Inspired – GEMBA Postgraduation Activities in Silicon Valley

Warner Brothers, experienced venture capitalists, President of USC Bay Area Association, best start-up company in Silicon Valley, Intel, Ericsson, Yahoo, Google, Stanford University Design College, alum speaker from GEMBA Class VI. These are what our GEMBA newly graduated Class X experienced for the past three days right after their grand graduation on 26 January. As is always said “Graduation is not an end to the learning journey, instead, it is a start point for a greater life, which is also the reason why all business schools would rather call it Commencement”.

In the spirit of “Commencement”, GEMBA organized a three-day after graduation Silicon Valley (SV) tour. The tour is designed to provide our EMBA graduates a strong connection to local business community and are able to exposed to a variety of learning experiences provided by partner companies and organizations through working professionals.

GEMBA X visiting Google during their Silicon Valley trip.

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