What We Do

Training Support

The Center utilizes structured experiences that enable students to gain a greater and more comprehensive understanding of theories and their application. To conduct the experiential exercises, the ELC employs professional trainers. These individuals research, develop, and inaugurate appropriate exercises for specific business classes and their respective course objectives. This group also assesses the effectiveness of the ELC activities by systematically obtaining feedback from both students and faculty using the centers. In the ELC, Marshall School faculty, students and trainers share the responsibility for creating a successful learning experience; however, they each play a very specific role as outlined below:

What We DoStudents meet to discuss their observations and experiences with the exercise


  • Make a joint decision with the assigned trainer on selecting the appropriate experiential exercise(s).
  • Actively observe the exercise while the trainer conducts the activity and debrief.
  • Provide feedback on the structured experiences, facilitation, and the technical support.


  • Engage in the active learning process.
  • Play the assigned roles as if they were in the actual situation.
  • Tolerate ambiguity. Certain aspects of an exercise and its goals may be left to the students to discover as they learn from their own experiences.


  • Research, design, and adapt structured experiences to support specific business course objectives.
  • Conduct and debrief structured experiences.
  • Share observations about the activity and class performance with the faculty.


Video Capture Support

The ELC uses state-of-the-art technology in videotaping student presentations, mock interviews, and exercises in conjunction with courses and programs offered at the Marshall School of Business. The video captured and featured during the exercise allows students to view themselves as they encounter and address the simulated experiential situations. The video also allows the trainers and faculty to highlight key actions and processes in order to enhance students’ understanding of a particular concept or behavior. The immediate playback of the recorded activities reinforces student learning of the key concepts.