How to Reserve the ELC

Room Reservations

The Bridge ELC rooms are for course activities. Please send an email to stating the room use for the specific course related activity. Same day reservations are not accepted.

Graduate Business students may reserve ELC rooms in Popovich Hall. Log onto My Marshall account, click Services, select Room Reservations, and click Room Request; or visit the link:

As noted on the My Marshall page, please send an email to at least 24 hours prior to the use of the room to reserve video capture.

Marshall Business students prepare for a presentation.

Room Use Guidelines

Food and drinks are NOT permitted in ELC rooms. Students may not eat meals or drink beverages while using the rooms. Please clean up the area of paper and trash, clean the white boards, and push in chairs at the end of use of the ELC room. Marshall Business students may lose ELC room use privileges if there is noncompliance to the guidelines. Thank you.