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Announcement: Undergraduate Student Investment Fund (USIF) receives a $3 million gift

USC Marshall Center for Investment Studies is proud to announce a new fund to be added to the Undergraduate Student Investment Fund. The Student Asset Allocation Fund, sponsored by Van Eck Global (SAAF), is made possible by a gift from Van Eck Global, an investment management firm based in New York. Along with the current $1 million US equity portfolio, the students will be managing a new $2 million ETF fund. For more information, read our articles in the Marshall News Room and the Daily Trojan.

The Center for Investment Studies (CIS) is a forum for students to acquire experiential learning, faculty to conduct historical and real-time research and industry experts to share valuable insights.  With this exchange component, Marshall establishes a competitive, leading financial service for the industry.

Founded in 2002, the USC Marshall School Center for Investment Studies (CIS) is attempting to establish itself as a premier global academic institution specializing in financial analysis and valuation. The Center aims to assist the Marshall School in producing graduates equipped with the necessary financial analytical skills required for succeeding in global commerce.

The Center also aims to support faculty research in developing a better understanding of how financial markets work. The Center anticipates serving as a central platform for leading investment scholarship and stimulating dialogue between academia and the professional investment community.

Alumni & Friends

The Center for Investment Studies would like to keep a strong foundation of alumni.  In an effort to reconnect all SIF alumni, the Center hopes all alumni will keep us updated with your current contact information.  SIF  alumni continue their positive influence through mentoring, guest lecturing, identifying employment opportunities for fellow alumni and students, and lending crucial financial support. It is important to us to maintain and update your classmates’ contact information for our SIF Alumni database.

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